Configure deliveries for A/B testing

Learn how to configure a delivery for A/B testing.

Welcome to Adobe Campaign. In this video, we will see how to build a workflow to perform AB testing.
The first step is to create a Workflow.
In this example, I’m to name it as Demo Workflow.
Save it in the required folder and add description if required. Then click on Save. Next we can figure a query activity to target the desired population. To do this we drag the query icon and drop it in the main screen.
To change its label we can double click on it. Here we are renaming it as Newsletter Recipients.
And click on Okay.
Similarly, add a split activity to divide the targeted population into multiple subsets.
Then open the activity. Then configure each subset according to your needs. In this example we want to test two new subjects for a newsletter by presenting each of them to ten percent of the targeted population.
We can add these splits by clicking on the add option.
And change the label. At last click on Okay.
We can also add a transition in order to send to the remaining population the newsletter with the current subject. To do this activate the Generate Complement option from the Generate rack. And then save.
Moving further, we can add a version of the delivery to test for each subset. To do so we can again drag and drop the required delivery.
Double click on it and rename the label, since it is for newsletter and Subject A.
Click on Enter to save.
Similarly, add the other deliveries for other subsets.
Rename the label by double clicking on it and enter to save.
At last we can add add the flow controls like Start and End, in the similar process of dragging and dropping.
I hope that things are clear.
The Workflow is ready. You can now start the Workflow. Once the deliveries have been sent, you will be able to track the behavior of three subsets in the delivery logs, in order to see which subject has been the most successful. Workforce also allow you to automate your processes by automatically identifying the delivery variant that perform better, then sending it to the remaining population.
Thanks for watching.