Functions and methods

Adobe offers several functions and methods that you can use in your implementation. When you reference these functions or methods, they perform common tasks with a single line of code.

Some of these single lines of code belong to the following categories:

  • Tracking calls: The most common methods, and vital in many implementations. They include the t() and tl() methods.
  • AppMeasurement utilities: In previous versions of AppMeasurement, implementations had to write their own code to perform these tasks. Adobe provides these utility methods to streamline these common tasks. AppMeasurement utilities include Util.cookieRead(), Util.cookieWrite(), and Util.getQueryParam().
  • Register functions: You can write your own functions and have AppMeasurement automatically execute them before or after sending a tracking call to Adobe. Variables that fall under this category are doPlugins(), registerPreTrackCallback(), and registerPostTrackCallback().