Dynamic accounts are only supported using legacy JavaScript implementations (H Code). These variables are not supported in current AppMeasurement libraries or Adobe Experience Platform Data Collection.

The s.dynamicAccountList variable dynamically determines the value of s_account. If dynamicAccountSelection is set to true, the dynamicAccountMatch variable is compared with dynamicAccountList. If a match is found, the matching report suite ID is used.


This variable is a string that is automatically parsed by the JavaScript file.

s.dynamicAccountList = "[rsid]=[valuetomatch],[rsid2]=[valuetomatch]";

Valid input is a semicolon-separated list of rsid and value pairs. Each list contains the following items:

  • One or more report suite ID’s (separated by commas)
  • An equals sign
  • One or more strings to match (separated by commas)

Only standard ASCII characters should be used in the string. Do not include spaces.


For all the following examples, the page URL is https://example.com/path2/?prod_id=12345, the dynamicAccountSelection variable is set to true, and the s_account variable is set to examplersid.

// In this example, the report suite that receives data is examplersid1.
s.dynamicAccountMatch = "window.location.hostname";
s.dynamicAccountList = "examplersid2=www2.example.com;examplersid1=example.com";

// In this example, the report suite that receives data is examplersid2.
s.dynamicAccountMatch = "window.location.pathname";
s.dynamicAccountList = "examplersid2=path2;examplersid3=path3";

// In this example, no rules match so it resorts to the default rsid in s_account, examplersid.
s.dynamicAccountMatch = "window.location.pathname";
s.dynamicAccountList = "examplersid4=path4;examplersid5=path5";

Pitfalls, Questions, and Tips

  • The rules listed in this variable are applied in a left-to-right order. If the dynamicAccountMatch variable matches more than one rule, the left-most rule is used to determine the report suite. As a result, place more generic rules to the right of the list.
  • If no rules match, the default report suite in s_account is used.
  • If your page is saved to someone’s hard drive or translated via a web-based translation engine (such as Google’s translated pages), the dynamic account selection likely won’t work.
  • The dynamicAccountSelection rules apply only to the section of the URL specified in dynamicAccountMatch.
  • Use the Adobe Experience Cloud Debugger to test the destination report suite.