If usePlugins is enabled, the doPlugins() function runs just before AppMeasurement compiles and sends a hit to Adobe. Enable this variable if you use the doPlugins() function.

Use the onBeforeEventSend callback using the Web SDK

While the Web SDK does not have a boolean to handle the execution of additional logic before data is sent to Adobe, you can register the onBeforeEventSend callback to modify data. See Modifying events globally in the Web SDK documentation for more information.

Use Plug-ins using the Adobe Analytics extension

Adobe provides an extension labeled ‘Common Analytics Plugins’ that allows you to call most Plug-ins. Install the extension, and call the desired plug-in within a rule.

If the desired plug-in is not included in the Adobe extension, use the custom code editor following AppMeasurement syntax.

s.usePlugins in AppMeasurement and the Analytics extension custom code editor

The s.usePlugins variable is a boolean that determines if AppMeasurement calls the doPlugins() function. Its default value is false. Set this variable to true if you use the doPlugins() function in your implementation.

s.usePlugins = true;