AppMeasurement offers the ability to automatically track links that point outside your site. If trackExternalLinks (AppMeasurement) or clickCollectionEnabled (Web SDK) is enabled, an image request is sent to Adobe right as a visitor clicks a link to leave your site. The linkExternalFilters and linkInternalFilters variables determine what links are considered internal/external.

If this variable contains a value, automatic exit link tracking behaves like a block list. If a link click does not match any linkInternalFilters values, it is considered an exit link. The entire URL is examined against this variable. If linkLeaveQueryString is enabled, the query string is also examined.

If you use both linkInternalFilters and linkExternalFilters simultaneously, the clicked link must match linkExternalFilters and not match linkInternalFilters to be considered an exit link. If a clicked link matches both exit link and download link criteria, the download link type takes priority.

Activity map uses this variable to help determine what links are internal to your site. Adobe recommends setting this variable for implementations that use Activity map.

linkInternalFilters and Internal URL filters are separate features that fulfill separate purposes. The linkInternalFilters variable works specifically for exit link tracking. Internal URL filters are an Admin setting that help with traffic sources dimensions like Referring Domain.

Links automatically qualify as an exit link if the link target domain differs from the current window.location.hostname. The Web SDK does not offer any configuration variables to modify automatic exit link detection. If you need to customize the domains that qualify as an exit link, you can use custom logic in the onBeforeEventSend callback.

See Automatic link tracking in the Web SDK documentation for more information.

The Never Track field is a comma-separated list of filters (usually domains) under the Link Tracking accordion when configuring the Adobe Analytics extension.

  1. Log in to Adobe Experience Platform Data Collection using your AdobeID credentials.
  2. Click the desired tag property.
  3. Go to the Extensions tab, then click the Configure button under Adobe Analytics.
  4. Expand the Link Tracking accordion, which reveals the Outbound Links - Never Track field.

Place filters that you want to never be tracked as exit links in this field. Separate multiple domains by a comma without a space.

s.linkInternalFilters in AppMeasurement and the Analytics extension custom code editor

The s.linkInternalFilters variable is a string containing filters (such as domains) that you consider internal to your site. Separate multiple filters using a comma without spaces.

s.linkInternalFilters = ",";

Consider the following implementation example as if it were on

  s.trackExternalLinks = true;
  s.linkInternalFilters = "";

<!-- The following link is an exit link because it does not match the anything under linkInternalFilters -->
<a href = "">Example link 2</a>