The clickCollectionEnabled property is a boolean that determines if the Web SDK automatically collects link data. This property is valuable in cases where you prefer to manually track link data.

If not disabled, the following XDM elements automatically populate with data:

  • xdm.web.webInteraction.type
  • xdm.web.webInteraction.URL

The Web SDK tracks all clicks on <a> and <area> HTML elements if it doesn’t have an onClick attribute. Clicks are captured with a capture click event listener that is attached to the document. When a valid link is clicked, the following logic is run in order:

  1. If the link matches criteria based on values in downloadLinkQualifier, or if the link contains a download HTML attribute, xdm.web.webInteraction.type is set to "download".
  2. If the link target domain differs from the current window.location.hostname, xdm.web.webInteraction.type is set to "exit".
  3. If the link doesn’t qualify for either "download" or "exit", xdm.web.webInteraction.type is set to "other".

In all cases, is set to the link text label and xdm.web.webInteraction.URL is set to the link destination URL. If you want to set the link name to the URL as well, you can override this XDM field using onBeforeLinkClickSend.

Select the Enable click data collection checkbox when configuring the tag extension.

  1. Log in to using your Adobe ID credentials.
  2. Navigate to Data Collection > Tags.
  3. Select the desired tag property.
  4. Navigate to Extensions, then click Configure on the Adobe Experience Platform Web SDK card.
  5. Scroll down to the Data Collection section, then select the checkbox Enable click data collection.
  6. Click Save, then publish your changes.

Set the clickCollectionEnabled boolean when running the configure command. If you omit this property when configuring the Web SDK, it defaults to true. Set this value to false if you prefer to manually set xdm.web.webInteraction.type and xdm.web.webInteraction.value.

alloy("configure", {
  "edgeConfigId": "ebebf826-a01f-4458-8cec-ef61de241c93",
  "clickCollectionEnabled": false