The pageType variable is a flag used to designate error pages on your site, such as 404 errors. If this variable contains the string errorPage, it populates the ‘Pages Not Found’ dimension and metric.

Do not set this variable on non-error pages.

Page Type using the Web SDK

Channel is mapped to the following variables:

  • XDM object: xdm.web.webPageDetails.isErrorPage - this XDM field is a boolean; set it to true to flag it as an error page, or false if it is not an error page.
  • Data object: - this data object field is a string; set it to "errorPage" to flag it as such.

Page Type using the Adobe Analytics extension

There is not a dedicated field in the Adobe Analytics extension to use this variable. Use the custom code editor, following AppMeasurement syntax.

s.pageType in AppMeasurement and the Analytics extension custom code editor

The s.pageType variable is a string where the value errorPage is its only valid value. Set this variable to this value on any error page on your site, such as on 404 pages.

s.pageType = "errorPage";
Use an eVar to collect the error code so you can get more information on what specific errors visitors encounter on your site.