This variable is retired. Use trackingServer instead.

In previous versions of Adobe Analytics, AppMeasurement used the visitorNameSpace variable to help determine the subdomain of where visitor cookies are stored. Increasing privacy practices in modern browsers make third-party cookies less reliable. With the introduction of the trackingServer and trackingServerSecure variables, visitorNameSpace is no longer needed.

Adobe recommends using first-party cookies on your site. First-party cookies do not use this variable.

Visitor Namespace using the Adobe Analytics extension

Visitor Namespace is a field under the Cookies accordion when configuring the Adobe Analytics extension.

  1. Log in to Adobe Experience Platform Data Collection using your AdobeID credentials.
  2. Click the desired tag property.
  3. Go to the Extensions tab, then click the Configure button under Adobe Analytics.
  4. Expand the Cookies accordion, which reveals the Visitor Namespace field.

Adobe advises against using this field. Use trackingServer and trackingServerSecure instead.

s.visitorNamespace in AppMeasurement and the Analytics extension custom code editor

The s.visitorNamespace variable is a string that contains a unique value per organization. Old AppMeasurement libraries automatically included this unique value when downloaded from previous versions of Adobe Analytics. Current AppMeasurement libraries do not use this variable unless trackingServer and trackingServerSecure are not set.

If your organization still requires this variable, pick a value that represents your organization. You can store this value in a solution design document.

// If trackingServer is not set, cookies are stored under
s.visitorNameSpace = "example";