Implement Adobe Analytics with the Adobe Experience Platform Edge Network

The Adobe Experience Platform Edge Network allows you to send data destined to multiple products to a centralized location. The Edge Network forwards the appropriate information to the desired products. This concept allows you to consolidate implementation efforts, especially spanning multiple data solutions.

Adobe offers three main ways to send data to the Edge Network:

How Adobe Analytics handles Edge Network data

Data sent to the Adobe Experience Platform Edge Network can follow two formats:

  • XDM object: Conform to schemas based on XDM (Experience Data Model). XDM gives you flexibility in what fields are defined as part of events. At the time events reach Adobe Analytics, they are translated into a format that Adobe Analytics can handle.
  • Data object: Send data to the Edge Network using specific fields mapped to Adobe Analytics. The Edge Network detects the presence of these fields and forwards them to Adobe Analytics without the need to conform to a schema.

The Edge Network uses the following logic to determine Adobe Analytics page views and link events

XDM payload contains…
Adobe Analytics… or web.webPageDetails.URL and no web.webInteraction.type
considers payload a page view
web.webInteraction.type and ( or web.webInteraction.url)
considers payload a link event
web.webInteraction.type and ( or web.webPageDetails.url)
considers payload a link event and web.webPageDetails.URL are set to null
no web.webInteraction.type and (no and no web.webPageDetails.URL)
drops the payload and ignores the data

See the Adobe Analytics ExperienceEvent Full Extension schema field group for more information.