Dynamic accounts overview

Dynamic accounts are only supported using legacy JavaScript implementations (H Code). These variables are not supported in current AppMeasurement libraries or tags in Adobe Experience Platform.

Dynamic accounts is an implementation feature that lets you determine what report suite to use based on criteria you define. If your organization requires more than one report suite but would like to use the same implementation between your sites, dynamic accounts is a good solution.

Adobe recommends sending data to a single report suite, then using virtual report suites to separate data if needed. See Global report suite considerations for more information.

3 variables are used to dynamically select a report suite.

If dynamicAccountSelection = true, the value within dynamicAccountMatch is compared to dynamicAccountList. If the values in dynamicAccountList match, the report suite ID is included in the account variable.

Default report suite

The account variable can be set first, and acts as a default value in case any of the specified strings cannot be found. For example:

s_account = "examplersiddefault";
s.dynamicAccountSelection = true;
s.dynamicAccountMatch = location.hostname;

If location.hostname was neither dev.example.com or example.com, the hit would be sent to examplersiddefault.

Multi-suite tagging

Multi-suite tagging can be used with dynamic account selection. For example:

s.dynamicAccountSelection = true;
s.dynamicAccountMatch = location.hostname;

If location.hostname contains example.com, the hit is sent to both examplersid1 and examplersid2.