Mix Modeler glossary

The following terminology and acronyms are used in the documentation:

Experience Platform (AEP)
Experience Platform standardizes data and content across the enterprise, powering real-time consumer profiles, enabling data science, and accelerating content velocity to drive experience personalization across the customer journey.
Aggregate or summary data
High-level data, detailing how a group (e.g., consumers, campaigns, regions, etc.) interacts with or performs in your business
Any action that the user takes and is considered valuable by the business. Signups, product purchase, and so forth.
Event data
Marketing touchpoint or conversion data at the event-level that includes event timestamp and Person ID
One copy of the data science pipeline with its own set of objective and configuration.
Marketing touchpoint
The interaction a prospect/lead has with a company’s online or offline marketing efforts.
Marketing attribution
The process of assigning revenue credit to a marketing touchpoint. This is done by tracking a prospect’s entire customer journey, starting from their first interaction with a company to when the deal closes. The revenue generated from the deal gets attributed back to the marketing touchpoints that drove the sale. The amount of revenue credit given to a touchpoint depends on how much that touchpoint influenced the customer’s purchasing decision.
Multi Touch Attribution (MTA)
A strategy for evaluating the effectiveness of your marketing touchpoints and giving credit to the most valuable in the buyer journey.
Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM)
A service that enables you to measure, optimize, and plan marketing investments by applying machine learning models to provide insights on the historical and future impact of marketing investments on key business goals.