Harmonized data overview

The Harmonized Data tab in Mix Modeler Overview provides insights into the harmonized data you have configured to be used as part of the ingested data and harmonized data setup.

The overview shows four KPI status card widgets (top row) and six other configurable widgets.

To change the date period for data to be displayed in the widgets, enter a start date, and end date manually or select a period using Calendar .

Data filters

You can filter the data displayed for all widgets using the Filter Category Filters pane.

Select one or more filters for each category (Brands, Campaigns, Cannels Type, Conversion types, Datasets, Media types, Source types, and Traffic Source).

Selected filters are displayed on top of the widgets at FILTERING BY:.

  1. To remove an individual filter, select Close on the filter, listed at FILTERING BY:.

  2. You can quickly clear all filters using Clear All.

Harmonized data overview

Configure a widget

You can configure each widget.

  • On the KPI status card widget:

    1. Select Edit and Edit Edit data from the context menu.

    2. In the KPI status card dialog:

      1. Select a KPI from the list.

      2. Select Apply to apply the change to the card. Select Cancel to cancel the change.

  • On the other configurable widgets:

    1. Select Edit and Edit Edit data from the context menu.

    2. In the Edit Data dialog:

      1. Select a metric from Select a metric, for example Impressions.

      2. Select a category from Select category, for example Media types.

      3. (optional) select a second category from Select second category (optional), for example Traffic sources.

      4. Select Clock Time or Calculator Total as the analysis type at Select analysis type.

        If you select Clock Time, you can specify the time frequency. Select Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly from Select time frequency.

        You see an updated preview of your current selection in the Preview Area and your current widget underneath Current.

        Edit harmonized data widget

        If the preview cannot be rendered due to data not being available, you see Data erro Insights Not Available - Harmonized fields are not available.

      5. Select Apply to apply the changes to the widget. Select Cancel to cancel any changes made to the current widget.