Use the Adobe Admin Console to manage Mix Modeler products and users.

For Mix Modeler to function properly, you must set the correct permissions.

In the Adobe Experience Cloud UI,

  1. Select Permissions from the left rail, underneath ADMINISTRATION.

  2. Select Person Roles from the left panel.

  3. Select an existing role, or create a role using Create role. If you select an existing role, select Edit Edit to edit the permissions for the role. See Manage Roles for more information.

  4. Ensure you select the following permissions for the role:

    • Sandboxes: Select at least one sandbox.

    • Data Management: ensure you select the options View Datasets and Manage Datasets.

    • Data Modeling: ensure you select the options Manage Schemas and View Schemas.

    • Destinations: ensure you select Manage and Activate Dataset Destination, Destination Authoring, Activate Destinations and View Destinations.

    • Data Ingestion: ensure you select View Sources and Manage Sources.

    The permissions set up for the role should look like:


    Select Save to save the permissions.

  5. In Details within Role, add the appropriate Users and/or User groups to provide users access to Mix Modeler.