Mix Modeler overview

See this video for a quick overview of the Mix Modeler capabilities.

Mix Modeler, powered by Adobe Sensei, enables marketers to measure campaigns and optimize planning holistically across all channels: paid, earned, and owned. Its unified methodology measures incrementally at both marketing touchpoints and aggregate-levels, while ensuring fully consistent results.

Mix Modeler provides the incremental impact of all marketing activities on business and campaign outcomes through a holistic (end-to-end) measurement application for digital and offline marketing.

Mix Modeler provides the following types of optimized and actionable insights at a strategic and tactical level, so you can better understand:

  • marketing spend and resulting performance across various channels, and
  • recommended investment levels to achieve future business objectives.

To accomplish this functionality, Mix Modeler combines:

  • bottoms-up (event-level) data and top-down (aggregate-level) data,
  • external market factors and internal factors, and
  • predictive and transfer machine-learning methodologies.

The AI/ML bidirectional transfer learning unifies marketing mix modeling (MMM) and multi-touch attribution (MTA) results to ensure consistent results across measurement and planning in a cookie-less world.

Bidirectional transfer learning {align="center" width="500"}


Mix Modeler offers the following capabilities:

Measure incremental performance
Understand the incremental ROI and impact of marketing across business goals or tactical campaign goals.
Unify results across MMM and MTA
Make more confident decisions through the unification of MMM and MTA models via transfer learning.
Optimally allocate budgets
Identify optimal budget allocation based on marketing spend and impact to goals.
Create & compare budget scenarios
Develop multiple budget plans and compare their impact to make optimal decisions for your business.