Work with PostScript and Illustrator files working-with-postscript-and-illustrator-files

You can use Adobe PostScript® (EPS) and Adobe® Illustrator® (AI) files in Adobe Dynamic Media Classic. Adobe Dynamic Media Classic offers commands for configuring these files as you upload them.

When you upload PostScript (EPS) or Illustrator (AI) image files, you can format them in various ways. You can rasterize the files, convert them to FXG for Template Publishing, maintain the transparent background, choose a resolution, and choose a color space. Options for formatting PostScript and Illustrator files are available on the Upload screen under PostScript Options and Illustrator Options in the Upload Job Options box.

  • Processing - Choose Rasterize to convert vector graphics in the file to the bitmap format.

  • Maintain Transparent Background In Rendered Image - Maintains the background transparency of the file.

  • Resolution - Determines the resolution setting. This setting determines how many pixels are displayed per inch in the file.

  • Color Space - Select the Color Space menu and choose a color space:

    • Detect Automatically - Retains the color space of the file.

    • Force As RGB - Converts to the RGB color space.

    • Force As CMYK - Converts to the CMYK color space.

    • Force As Grayscale - Converts to the Grayscale color space.