Why upgrade to Dynamic Media?

Adobe created Dynamic Media with you in mind.

The new Dynamic Media on Adobe Experience Manager builds on the functionality that you have come to expect from Dynamic Media Classic (formerly Scene7). It gives your organization new and improved tools to build better, more engaging, experiences.

Dynamic Media upgrades the content building experience by using real-time, visual builders. Sitting atop Adobe’s tried, trusted, and scalable delivery network and paired with the intuitive Adobe Experience Manager user interface, Dynamic Media provides the capabilities to author, iterate, and deliver engaging, next-level experiences.

What you get with Dynamic Media
Primary file approach
Upload a full-size asset, then Dynamic Media automatically creates sizes as required.
Easy Authoring
Build, customize, and launch rich experiences quickly without the need for technical help.
Intuitive Interface
Edit image viewers and video players with a WYSIWYG (What You See It What You Get) interface that is easy to use.
Shoppable Media
Create shoppable images, videos, and carousels with image hotspots and clickable links.
Scalable CDN
Access the best-in-class Content Delivery Network (CDN) with proven scale and performance to meet any demand.
Dynamic Imaging
Using one primary file, auto-generate and publish unlimited versions, changing size, format, resolution, crop, or effect.
Dynamic Video
Full-size video is auto-sized for all screens and adaptively streamed to assure a consistent and quality user experience.
Easily build and publish Dynamic Media interactive experiences, like product configurators, personalized banners, and emails.
Interactive Experiences
Add interactive hotspots and link product details into campaigns, video, lookbooks, and other media.

Key benefits and capabilities of Dynamic Media

Dynamic Media is the natural evolution of Dynamic Media Classic. It offers rich media authoring, publishing, and delivery tools sets. It also includes best-in-class delivery with an innovative, user-centric interface, fostering modern real-world workflows.

  • Seamless, unified experience and integration with Adobe Experience Manager: Configure and dynamically deliver rich content from one store, one source
  • New marketer-centric user experience for easy authoring and delivery of rich media content
  • WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) look and feel, and behavior editors for image viewers and video players.
  • Speed creation and deployment of Shoppable/Interactive Media experiences including image hotspots and shoppable video

Dynamic Media capabilities inside Experience Manager Assets

Accelerated Content Creation and Delivery
• Collaboration and shared file sync with Adobe Creative Cloud applications.
• Meets all the required criteria of Dynamic Asset Management: Create, Collaborate, Manage, and Deliver all in one application, one interface, one network.
• Enterprise-level digital asset management with robust metadata support, smart search, lightbox and collections, version control, and secure asset sharing for use by vendors, partners, and franchisees
• Review and approval workflows for work-in-process assets.
Easy Interactive Experiences UI Elements
• Create experiences easily with non-technical, real-time builders.
• Shoppable/Interactive Media, combine campaign assets with product information.
• Raise customer satisfaction and drive conversion.
End-To-End Inclusive Workflow
• Deliver optimized rich media to all touchpoints including the complete Adobe Experience Cloud solutions.
• Integration with Adobe Experience Cloud for advanced asset analytics, targeting, and asset reuse across marketing touchpoints. Some of those touchpoints include Adobe Campaign for email, Adobe Social for social channels, and Adobe Experience Manager Sites for responsive Web and mobile apps.

Why Adobe?

  • The largest positive mover in digital assets Forrester WAVE report.
  • Strong performer in 2016 Online Video Platform report.
  • Top rich media vendor to Internet Retail 1000, nine years in a row.
  • 24/7/265 support, 99.95% SLAs, Adobe Professional Services.
  • Proven infrastructure serving more than 800 clients world wide, 3.5 petabytes of traffic per month and more than 500 million assets in management, 60% growth in traffic year-over-year.