Feature comparison

A feature comparison table between Dynamic Media in Adobe Experience Manager Assets and Adobe Dynamic Media Classic desktop application. A “✓” means the feature is available in or with the software; a “-” means it is not.

Dynamic Media
Dynamic Media
360 Video
Advanced Image Processing
Advanced Video (captions, SEO)
Automated Set Generation
CDN Integration
Dynamic Imaging

Assets + InDesign Server
Instant Publish
Interactive Viewers
Manifest Files
Media Portal

Known as “Brand Portal”
Rule Sets
Secure Preview
Sets (Image, Spin, Mixed Media)

No multiaxis spins
Smart Imaging
Static Content Delivery
(PDF, GIT, and so on)
Video Delivery (Adaptive)
Video Encoding
Viewer Accessibility
Viewer Integration with Analytics
1:1 Templates

Personalized media bundle
Visual Configurator
(product personalization)

Personalized media bundle
3D - Experience Manager Sites
WCM component
3D - Interactive Experience Viewer
3D - Publish AR/VR and core 3D files
Shoppable/Interactive Media - Images
Shoppable/Interactive Media - Video
Smart Crop - Images
Smart Crop - Video
Video Thumbnail Selection
Viewer Designer
YouTube Publish