Publish primary images publishing-master-images

Publishing your image files publishes them to Dynamic Media Image Servers, where they are available to your Web site and application. What’s more, during the publishing process, Adobe Dynamic Media Classic activates the URL strings you need for your Web site and application.

Mark primary images for publish marking-master-images-for-publish

Primary images must be marked for publish for them to be copied to Dynamic Media Image Servers. You can mark your primary images for publishment in the Browse panel by selecting the Mark for Publish icon. You can also mark images for publishment when you upload them to Adobe Dynamic Media Classic.

Publish your primary images publishing-your-master-images

  1. On the Global Navigation bar, select Publish. On the Publishing dialog box, select a When option (One-Time or Recurring), then optionally enter a name for the publishing job

  2. Select Submit Publish.

The URL is not active until you publish the asset.