Work with asset folders working-with-asset-folders

File assets in the Adobe Dynamic Media Classic are kept in folders. These folders are listed in alphabetical order in the Asset Library Panel. Before uploading files from your computer or network to Adobe Dynamic Media Classic, you are asked to name a folder for storing the files. Create these folders before uploading any files.

Be sure to establish a folder structure and organization for storing your files on Adobe Dynamic Media Classic before uploading files.

Display, move, hide, and open folders displaying-moving-hiding-and-opening-folders

The Asset Library displays files in a folder tree. When you select a folder in the Asset Library, its contents appear in the Browse Panel. Use these techniques to locate folders in the folder tree:

  • Display subfolders - Select the Expand Folder icon to display the subfolders in a folder. This icon is located to the left of folder names.

  • Move a folder - You can move a folder by dragging it and dropping it in its new location, or by selecting File > Move Folder.

  • Hide folders - Select the Collapse Folder icon if you want to collapse subfolders to hide them from view. This icon is located to the left of folder names.

  • Open a folder - Select a folder if you want to display its contents in the Browse Panel.

You can hide or display the Asset Library by selecting Expand or Collapse control on its left side. Collapse the Asset Library panel when you need more room to work in the Browse Panel.

Create folders

  1. In the Asset Library, select the folder you want to create a folder in.

  2. Select the Add Folder button. This icon is at the top of the folder list.

  3. Enter a descriptive name for your new folder or subfolder by typing it into the field next to the folder icon.

    note note
    You can also create folders in Adobe Dynamic Media Classic when you upload files by way of FTP. Selecting the Include Subfolders option when you upload by way of FTP replicates the folder structure on your computer in the system. Files and subfolders on your computer or network are replicated in the Asset Library, and the assets you upload are placed in these folders.

Delete and rename folders deleting-and-renaming-folders

Select a folder and use these techniques to delete or rename it:

  • Delete - Select the Remove Folder button. Assets in a deleted folder are placed in the Trash folder. You can recover them from there.

  • Rename - Double-click the name and enter a new name.

You cannot copy folders or assets because doing so would create duplicate folders and assets on Adobe Dynamic Media Classic, and duplicates are not permitted.