Expected Mixpanel data

After you have connected your Mixpanel account, you can use the Data Warehouse Manager to easily track relevant data fields for analysis.

This topic explores the main data tables that you can import from Mixpanel into your Commerce Intelligence account. The following tables will be created in your Data Warehouse after connecting Mixpanel. To view all the fields available for tracking, click the links in the table name column.

Due to the limitations of the Mixpanel API, historical data - data older than seven (7) days from the date of connection to Commerce Intelligence - is not replicated.
Table Name
This table contains raw event data, including the event, event dates, and platform bucket.
This table contains data about your funnels, including the funnel ID, the funnel length (# of days the user has to complete the funnel), and the starting and ending dates of the funnel.
This contains data from People Analytics, including session IDs, page and user information, and the date/time the user was last seen.