Share a Dashboard

Sharing dashboards means you and your team possess the same information at any given time, which allows for collaboration and discussion. Here are some recommendations for sharing dashboards and keeping your Adobe Commerce Intelligence account uncluttered.

Avoid Duplicate Dashboards

At times, you may find multiple dashboards with the same name - this is usually because other users have created and shared similar dashboards with you. These dashboards could be duplicates of a primary copy. In this case, Adobe recommends you have one user share the primary copy of the dashboard and then remove all duplicate dashboards.

To see who owns a dashboard, click the dashboard dropdown on the upper-left corner. Any dashboards that do not have a name below them belong to you.

To remove all duplicate dashboards:

  1. Sync with your team and identify the person who should maintain the dashboard.
  2. Unshare yourself from all similar dashboards, except the one shared by the main user.
  3. If you have a copy of the dashboard, delete it.
  4. Ask others to delete their version of the dashboard.

Create a Core Set of Dashboards

When new users are created, they do not own any dashboards or charts. However, they will see a list of the most popular dashboards in your organization (with View or Edit rights for the whole team) upon first logging in. Ensure that dashboards are always in this list so that new users can be included.

Share Dashboards with New Users

New users may also benefit from access to some dashboards that are not shared organization-wide. In these cases, Adobe recommends that dashboard owners share the relevant dashboards with new users when their accounts are created.

Be Selective with Edit Permissions

Edit permissions give users a lot of power. But with great power comes great responsibility. To prevent accidental changes to your charts and dashboards, Adobe recommends that you are selective about who you give Edit permissions to.

Annotate Your Charts

Sharing a dashboard merely gives users access to the same information. To ensure that information is understood, Adobe recommends using the chart notes feature to share knowledge and nuances about a specific data point or to convey the purpose of an analysis.