Connect Adobe Analytics

Requires Admin permissions.

The Adobe Analytics integration for Adobe Commerce Intelligence enables you to bring together the end-to-end customer journey focus of Adobe Analytics and the eCommerce focus you rely on from Commerce Intelligence. This gives you a complete picture of your store’s overall performance.

More specifically, the Adobe Analytics integration for Commerce Intelligence provides functionality for merchants to start combining their Adobe Commerce and Adobe Analytics data sets.

  • Create a connection from your existing Adobe Analytics account into Commerce Intelligence.

  • Select up to 25 metrics and dimensions from one report suite to replicate into your Data Warehouse.

  • Use all standard Commerce Intelligence functionality to transform, join, and report on replicated Adobe Analytics data.

Connection Prerequisites

The following information is needed to connect:

  • Adobe Analytics login credentials

  • Name and/or ID of Adobe Analytics report suite to replicate data from

  • List of metrics and dimensions to replicate into Commerce Intelligence

Connecting the Adobe Analytics Integration for Commerce Intelligence

  1. Go to the Integrations page under Manage Data > Integrations.

  2. Click Add an Integration.

  3. Click the Adobe Analytics icon to access the page that allows you to authorize your Adobe Analytics account connection.

  4. Click Authorize with Adobe Analytics.

  5. Enter your Adobe Analytics credentials. After successful authorization, you are redirected back to Commerce Intelligence.

  6. A list of available report suites displays. Select the report suite from which you want to import the data, then click Continue.

  7. The metrics and dimensions selection screen displays. Select at least one metric and at least one dimension, up to a combined total of 25 metrics and dimensions. Search by name or scroll to find your components, then click the checkboxes to select. Click Continue.

  8. The selected report suite displays in a table. Click Save to confirm your selection.

  9. Inform the Commerce Intelligence Support team that your integration is authorized, and they run the initial connection process for you.

After the initial connection process runs, your table will be available in the Data Warehouse page, under the All Tables tab. Select the columns that you wish to replicate, and the data will appear after the next full update.