Add a new Adobe Commercer Intelligence user

  1. Click your company’s name in the upper-right corner and select Invite User from the dropdown.

  2. Enter the user’s name and email.

  3. Set the user’s general permission level: Admin, Standard, or Read Only.

  4. Indicate if this new user should also be accountable for billing or technical issues by checking the appropriate boxes.

    note note
    To view, add, or change your account’s billing information, you must have Billing permissions. Permissions are set on a user-by-user basis when user accounts are created. If you need Billing permissions, contact your account’s administrator.
  5. Click Save.

The new user is sent an email with login and password details.

The new user does not have any dashboards by default. Adobe recommends that you share the necessary dashboards with the new user right away.

Update your email address or password

You can update your email address and/or password by clicking your company name in the top right-hand corner and then click Edit Profile.

Resend the Invitation

If you need to resend the invitation, on the login page, click Forgot?, enter the new user’s email address, and click Reset Password. This re-sends the invitation and allows the user to log in.

Each account has a contracted number of licenses, or seats. If you hit your limit or would like to know more, submit a support ticket.