Product settings - Product in Websites

The Product in Websites section identifies each website where the product is available, according to the store hierarchy.

Product website scope diagram

To copy a product to a different website:

  1. Open the product in edit mode.

  2. Scroll down and expand Expansion selector the Product in Websites section.

    Product in Websites {width="600" modal="regular"}

  3. Select the checkbox of the website where you want to place the copied product.

    For a single website installation, the website checkbox is selected by default.

  4. Choose the Store View where you want to make a copy of the existing product.

  5. Click Save and do the following:

    • When you return to the product record, set the Store View chooser to the store view to which the product was copied. When prompted to confirm scope switching, click OK.

    • Enter the Price of the product for this store view.

    Because the scope of the base currency is set to website, it is possible to sell the product for a different price in each website.

  6. When complete, click Save.