Product settings - Images and Videos

From the Images and Videos section, you can perform basic image management tasks such as upload multiple images, rearrange images, and control how each image is used. For additional control over individual images, you can open each image in detail view. For more information, see Catalog Images and Video.

Upload a new image

  1. Open the product in edit mode.

  2. Scroll down and expand Expansion selector the Images and Videos section.

    Images and Videos {width="600" modal="regular"}

  3. If you are ready to add a product image, do one of the following:

    • Drag an image from your desktop and drop it on the Camera ( Camera icon ) tile.

    • Click the Camera ( Camera icon ) tile, select the image file, and click Open.

A placeholder image appears in the catalog until a product image is available.

Image Detail

As you add product images, you can customize the image display in the Image Detail window.

Product images

To set image displaying options for a product:

  1. Click the product image.

  2. Enter the Alt text.

  3. Choose a Role for displaying the image (all roles can be selected for one image):

    • Swatch
    • Base
    • Small
    • Thumbnail

    All of these roles are selected for the first added image by default.

    Image details {width="600" modal="regular"}

To hide the product image from the product page, select the Hide from Product Page checkbox.