Manage product 3D models with the AR Viewer for Adobe Commerce

For each product, you can upload a .USDZ file that allows for AR and 3D models to be used in your product listing.

The AR Viewer only supports .USDZ files.

Install the extension

AR Viewer is installed as an extension from the Adobe Commerce Marketplace.

See the Installation Guide for more information about the extension installation process.

After the AR Viewer extension is installed and configured, Admin users can set up, customize, and manage product listings to include 3D models.

Add a 3D model

  1. Open the product in edit mode.

  2. To work with a specific store view, set the Store View chooser to the applicable view.

    note note
    New product 3D models are always uploaded and visible in all store views, even if the All Store Views scope is not used for upload.

    To hide any product 3D models from a specific store view, you must switch to that Store View, select the Hide from Product Page checkbox for the 3D model, and click Save.
  3. Scroll down and expand the Product 3D Model section.

    Menu Pop-up {width="700" modal="regular"}

  4. Add the 3D model (.USDZ file) of the product.

  5. Click Save.

Delete a 3D model

To remove a 3D model from the product details:

  1. Click Delete.

  2. Click Save.

View product 3D models

When the product details are updated with the 3D model:

  1. The AR Viewer generates a QR code in the product description that encodes the AR file.

  2. A customer can see this QR code in the product page.

  3. When customers scan the QR code with their mobile devices, an AR experience is rendered on the mobile device.

For a series of demonstration videos of a user adding a 3d model to a product, see the AR Viewer for Adobe Commerce page in Commerce Videos and Tutorials.