Product settings - Sources

The Sources section of the product settings lists the sources from which the product can be distributed. It is used to assign and unassign sources as well as manage the quantity and availability of the product. This section is displayed only if there is more than one source defined for your store. For more information about sources, see Manage sources.

Assign a source for a product

  1. Click Assign Source.

  2. Select the checkbox for the required sources.

  3. Click Done.

  4. Select Source Item Status and enter the Qty and Notify Qty values as needed.

  5. Click Save to save the changes.

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Sources View

Field reference

The unique name for a source.
Source Status
Determines if the product is enabled or disabled in the catalog.
Source Item Status
Determines the current availability of the product. Options:
In Stock - Makes the product available for purchase.
Out of Stock - Unless backorders are activated, prevents the product from being available for purchase and removes the listing from the catalog.
On-hand stock amounts for each source.
Notify Qty
An amount for the Notify for Quantity for this specific source if Notify Quantity Use Default is not selected.
Notify Qty Use Default
Indicates to use the default setting for Notify for Quantity in the product Advanced Inventory or global setting in the store configuration. For more information about advanced inventory settings for your product, see Configure advanced product options.
For an assigned source, click Unassign to make the source not available for the product. For an unassigned source, click Assign Sources to make a source available for the product. For more information about Assign Sources options, see Assigning Sources per Product.