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Integrate Target with Analytics

Adobe Analytics is an analytics solution that enables organizations to track, measure, and analyze user behavior on their digital properties, such as websites, mobile apps, streaming media, and social media. Adobe Analytics provides insights into how users interact with digital content, helping organizations optimize their digital experiences and improve their marketing strategies.

Adobe Target is a powerful testing and personalization platform that allows businesses to optimize and deliver personalized experiences to their customers. Adobe Target enables businesses to create and test personalized experiences using machine learning, AI, and analytics to deliver the right message to the right audience.

The key benefits of integrating Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target (A4T) are:

  • Data-driven personalization: Use Analytics for targeted activities in Adobe Target, enhancing personalization strategies.
  • Unified reporting: A4T integration combines Target and Analytics reports for comprehensive analysis.
  • Optimized targeting: Base decisions on Analytics data for precise audience segmentation and content optimization.
  • Shared audiences: Use Analytics to create detailed segments, and share them to Target to use as audiences for testing.
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When to use
Common use cases
Analytics and Target
  • You want to use Adobe Analytics rich reporting features to show and analyze Target activity results.
  • Personalized content recommendations.
  • A/B Testing and optimization.
  • You want to share Analytics segments to Target audiences.
  • Sharing converter segments
  • Sharing content affinity segments
  • Segment-based targeted experiences.