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Integrate Campaign with Analytics

Adobe Analytics is an analytics solution that enables organizations to track, measure, and analyze user behavior on their digital properties, such as websites, mobile apps, streaming media, and social media. Adobe Analytics provides insights into how users interact with digital content, helping organizations optimize their digital experiences and improve their marketing strategies.

Adobe Campaign provides a platform for designing cross-channel customer experiences and an environment for visual campaign orchestration, real-time interaction management and cross channel execution.

The Adobe Analytics integration with Adobe Campaign enables seamless data sharing and email tracking, and provide the following benefits:

  • Share KPI data from Adobe Campaign to Adobe Analytics.
  • Enrich tracking formulas with Adobe Analytics parameters.
  • Use Triggers to send personalized emails based on specific tracked behaviors.

Common integrations

Experience Cloud applications
Integrates using
When to use
Common use cases
Campaign Standard with Analytics
External Campaign account linked to Adobe Analytics and Admin configuration in Analytics
  • When you want to track the success of your email deliveries from Campaign directly in Adobe Analytics.
  • Enhance your analytics reports with Campaign delivery data, including emails sent, emails clicked, emails opened, emails delivered, unsubscribes, and bounces.
  • Analyze downstream conversion events for Campaign clicks driving traffic to your digital properties, such as form leads, online orders, or other events captured in Analytics.
  • Trigger transactional messages using real-time event data.
  • Registration confirmation.
  • Shopping cart check out.