Integration configurations for Experience Cloud - organized by solution

This section helps anyone with a business need but is unsure which Adobe applications to use and how to integrate them. Here are many of the most common integration configurations, organized by solutions (B2B marketing, content supply chain, data insights and activation, and so on).

Keep in mind that there are many ways to configure the Adobe applications, depending on your environment. The intent of this section is to provide guidance that you can deploy as-is or modify them to meet the needs of your environment.

B2b Marketing

B2B marketing

Marketing automation and sales partnership



B2B and B2C digital commerce

Content Management

Content management

Content and asset management

Content Supply Chain

Content supply chain

Accelerate content creation and delivery

Customer Journeys

Customer journeys

Omnichannel orchestration and delivery

Data insights and activation

Data insights & activation

Analytics and audience management

Personalization at scale

Personalization as scale

How to make every connection personal