2023 Customer Journey Analytics release notes

February 2023

Feature Description Start of Rollout General Availability
Update to CJA Audiences After you have created an audience, Adobe creates an Experience Platform streaming segment for each new CJA Audience. A streaming segment will only be created if your organization is set up for streaming segmentation. Learn more N/A February 3, 2023
Hide comparison date ranges in Mobile Scorecards With Mobile Scorecards, you can now hide comparison date ranges. N/A/ February 8, 2023
Calendar updates in Workspace
  • Anchor Panel Dates: You can make the date range components relative to the panel calendar. Learn more
  • Calendar styling updates: The calendar styles throughout the UI have been upgraded to present a more consistent and easy-to-use workflow.
  • Calendar formula updates: If you use relative dates, all calendar formulas will reflect the start of the panel date range. Learn more
N/A February 8, 2023
Panel date range updates In Workspace, we added the following improvements:
  • Starting with the February release, dimension items and data previews are based on the panel date range and not the last 90 days.
  • All dimension items listed are based on data within the panel date range. If a dimension item has data outside the date range, you can show additional data beyond the date range at the bottom of the list.
  • Dimensions that don’t have data can be displayed in the left rail. Click the show more options to view dimension items with data outside the panel date range.
  • Data previews in the segment and calculated metric builders are based on the panel date range unless accessed from the component managers, which don’t have an associated panel and are still based on the last 90 days.
  • Data previews display data or components based on the panel date range.
N/A February 8, 2023
Row/column filtering for Adobe Analytics Source Connector streaming The Analytics Source Connector in Adobe Experience Platform now allows for filtering of Analytics data which is used to populate profiles in Real-Time Customer Profile.

Row-level filtering helps reduce the number of events associated with profiles. Column-level filtering helps reduce the richness of the events themselves, thus enabling you to optimize the use of profile entitlements. This filtering applies only to data sent to Real-Time Customer Profile and Identity Service.

Filtering does not impact the data which is sent to Data Lake for use in applications such as Customer Journey Analytics. Learn more

N/A Rescheduled to March 29, 2023

Fixes in Customer Journey Analytics


Important notices for CJA Administrators

Notice Notice added or updated Description
No current notices N/A N/A

January 2023

Feature Description Start of Rollout General Availability
Object array support for profile and lookup datasets Profile datasets and lookup datasets now support object arrays for use in CJA. January 11, 2023 January 19, 2023
Folders in Workspace Folders help you organize and categorize your projects for better retrieval and access. In addition, a shared Company folder allows Admins to easily create and share content with all Workspace users. Learn more N/A January 11, 2023
Default landing page The new landing page that was introduced earlier in 2022 will become the default experience for all users on January 11, 2023. The legacy landing page will be deprecated and everyone will be required to use the new experience. N/A January 11, 2023
Project Manager page deprecated With the release of the new landing page, we have deprecated the Project Manager as listed under Customer Journey Analytics > Components. The new landing page has all of the functionality of the old Project Manager page and more. Learn more N/A January 11, 2023
Schedule workbooks in Report Builder In Customer Journey Analytics, you can create schedules to send workbooks at regular intervals. Now recipients can receive the latest updates to your workbooks on a regular basis. Learn more N/A January 11, 2023
Auto-save new projects Analysis Workspace now auto-saves newly created projects. If for any reason you unexpectedly lose access to a newly created project before manually saving it, a recovery version of your project is now available. Previously, projects were auto-saved only after they were initially saved manually. Learn more N/A January 11, 2023
Enhanced user preferences You can now configure additional preferences at the user level (in Components > Preferences). When you set user preference, your selections span across your projects, tables, and visualizations. The Preferences page now contains the following new tabs, each containing many new configuration options:
  • Freeform table
  • Visualizations>/li>
. In addition, more preferences are now available on the General and Project tabs.

Previously, many of these preferences were configurable only for individual projects, tables, and visualizations. Learn more

N/A January 11, 2023


AN-287349; AN-301684; AN-305491; AN-305769; AN-307912

Important notices for CJA Administrators

Notice Notice added or updated Description
Improved IP-to-geolocation mapping September 29, 2022 Adobe’s vendor for IP lookups, Digital Element, is upgrading to a new improved dataset (NetAcuity Pulse) for IP-to-geolocation mapping. Adobe Analytics has postponed the adoption of this new dataset to January 11, 2023. The new database will be more accurate than previous versions. Some IP-to-geo mappings will change/improve when the new database is adopted.

CJA data provided through the Analytics Source Connector will also automatically take advantage of the new mappings.

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