Analytics Dimensions Compatibility

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This page lists dimensions supported in their respective Analytics capabilities.


Custom variable names, classifications, and visitor attributes are omitted from this list. These dimension items are specific to individual report suites.

Dimensions supported in Analysis Workspace

Dimension Name (visible in Analytics UI) Dimension ID (used in API requests)
Analytics for Target targetraw
Audiences ID mcaudiences
Browser browser
Browser Type browsertype
Category category
Cities geocity
Color Depth colordepth
Connection Type connectiontype
Cookie Support cookie
Countries geocountry
Customer Loyalty customerloyalty
Custom Conversion Vars evar1, evar2, etc.
Custom Insight Vars prop1, prop2, etc.
Custom Link customlink
Days Before First Purchase daysbeforefirstpurchase
Days Since Last Purchase dayssincelastpurchase
Domain filtereddomain
Download Link downloadlink
Entry Page entrypage
Entry Page Original entrypageoriginal
Exit Link exitlink
First Touch Channel firsttouchchannel
First Touch Channel Detail firsttouchchanneldetail
Java enabled javaenabled
Language language
Last Touch Channel lasttouchchannel
Last Touch Channel Detail lasttouchchanneldetail
List Variables listvariables
Marketing Channel marketingchannel
Mobile Audio Support mobileaudiosupport
Mobile Carrier mobilecarrier
Mobile Color Depth mobilecolordepth
Mobile Cookie Support mobilecookiesupport
Mobile Device mobiledevicename
Mobile Device Type mobiledevicetype
Mobile Max Email Length mobileemaillength
Mobile Image Support mobileimagesupport
Mobile Manufacturer mobilemanufacturer
Mobile Operating System (deprecated) mobileos
Mobile Screen Height mobilescreenheight
Mobile Screen Size mobilescreensize
Mobile Screen Width mobilescreenwidth
Mobile Max Browser URL Length mobileurllength
Mobile Video Support mobilevideosupport
Monitor Resolution monitorresolution
Operating Systems operatingsystem
Original Referring Domain referringdomainoriginal
Page page
Pages Not Found pagesnotfound
Product product
Referrer referrer
Referrer Type referrertype
Referring Domain referringdomain
Regions georegion
Return Frequency returnfrequency
SC-TnT tntbase
Search Engine searchengine
Search Keyword searchenginekeyword
Search Engine - Natural searchenginenatural
Search Engine - Paid searchenginepaid
Search Keyword - Natural searchenginenaturalkeyword
Search Keyword - Paid searchenginepaidkeyword
All Search Page Rank searchenginepagerank
Server server
Single Page Visits singlepagevisits
Site Section sitesections
Time Spent per Visit - Granular sitetime
Tracking Code campaign
US DMA geodma
US States state
Time Prior to Event timeprior
Time Spent per Visit - Bucketed timespent
Visit Depth pathlength
Visit Number visitnumber
Zip Code zip
AM/PM timepartampm
Browser Height - Bucketed browserheightbucketed
Browser Width - Bucketed browserwidthbucketed
Day daterangeday
Day of Month timepartdayofmonth
Day of Week dayofweek
Day of Week timepartdayofweek
Day of Year timepartdayofyear
Days Since Last Visit dayssincelastvisit
Entry Custom Insights entryprops
Entry List Variables entrylistvariables
Entry Server entryserver
Entry Site Section entrysitesections
Exit Custom Insights exitprops
Exit List Variables exitlistvariables
Exit Page exitpage
Exit Server exitserver
Exit Site Section exitsitesections
Hit Depth hitdepth
Hit Type hittype
Hour daterangehour
Hour of Day timeparthourofday
Marketing Channel Detail marketingchanneldetail
Minute daterangeminute
Mobile Max Bookmark Length mobilebookmarklength
Mobile Device Number mobiledevicenumber
Mobile DRM mobiledrm
Mobile Information Services mobileinformationservices
Mobile Java VM mobilejavavm
Mobile Mail Decoration mobilemaildecoration
Mobile Net Protocols mobilenetprotocols
Mobile Push To Talk mobilepushtotalk
Month daterangemonth
Month of Year timepartmonthofyear
Operating System Types operatingsystemgroup
Paid Search paidsearch
Persistent Cookie Support persistentcookie
Quarter daterangequarter
Quarter of Year timepartquarterofyear
Survey surveybase
Time Spent on Page - Bucketed averagepagetime
Time Spent on Page - Granular pagetimeseconds
Tracking Opt-out Reason optoutreason
Weekday/Weekend timepartweekdayweekend
Week daterangeweek
Year daterangeyear

Content-aware dimensions supported only in Analysis Workspace

Dimension name (visible in Analytics UI) Dimension ID (used in API requests)
Activity Map XY clickmapxy
Media Session ID videosessionid
Nielsen Access Method nielsenaccmethod
Nielsen App ID nielsenappid
Nielsen Channel Asset nielsenchannelasset
Nielsen Content Type nielsencontenttype

Content-aware dimensions supported by Analysis Workspace

Video (Media Analytics)

Dimension name (visible in Analytics UI) Dimension ID (used in API requests)
Content video
Content Segment videosegment
Content Type videocontenttype
Ad Player Name videoadplayername
Ad in Pod Position videoadinpod
Dropped Frames videoqoedroppedframecountevar
Errors videoqoeerrorcountevar
Average Bitrate videoqoebitrateaverageevar
Bitrate Changes videoqoebitratechangecountevar
Total Buffer Duration videoqoebuffertimeevar
Buffer Events videoqoebuffercountevar
Time to Start videoqoetimetostartevar
Ad Pod videoadpod
Media Path videopath
Ad videoad
Content Player Name videoplayername
Content Channel videochannel
Chapter videochapter
Content Name (variable) videoname
Content Length (variable) videolength
Ad Name (variable) videoadname
Ad Length (variable) videoadlength
Show videoshow
Season videoseason
Episode videoepisode
Network videonetwork
Show Type videoshowtype
Ad Loads videoadload
MVPD videomvpd
Day Part videodaypart
Advertiser videoadadvertiser
Campaign ID videoadcampaign
Genre videogenre
Stream Type videostreamtype
Player SDK Error IDs videoqoeplayersdkerrors
External Error IDs videoqoeextneralerrors
Media Feed Type videofeedtype
Entry Media Path entryvideopath
Exit Media Path exitvideopath
Entry Genre entryvideogenre
Exit Genre exitvideogenre
Entry Player SDK Error IDs entryvideoqoeplayersdkerrors
Exit Player SDK Error IDs exitvideoqoeplayersdkerrors
Entry External Error IDs entryvideoqoeextneralerrors
Exit External Error IDs exitvideoqoeextneralerrors

Adobe Social

Dimension name (visible in Analytics UI) Dimension ID (used in API requests)
Terms socialterm
Social Platforms / Properties socialcontentprovider
Authors socialauthor
Language sociallanguage
Latitude / Longitude sociallatlong
Asset Tracking Codes socialassettrackingcode
Owned Social Properties socialaccountandappids
Owned Post IDs socialownedpostids
Owned Social Definitions socialinteractiontype
Owned Property IDs socialownedpropertyid
Owned Property vs Application socialownedpropertypropertyvsapp
Owned Property Name socialownedpropertyname
Owned Definition Property vs Post socialowneddefinitionpropertyvspost
Owned Definition Insight Type socialowneddefinitioninsighttype
Owned Definition Insight Value socialowneddefinitioninsightvalue
Owned Definition Metric socialowneddefinitionmetric
Asset socialmediaid

Mobile SDK

Dimension name (visible in Analytics UI) Dimension ID (used in API requests)
First Launch Date mobileinstalldate
App Id mobileappid
Launch Number mobilelaunchnumber
Days Since First Use mobiledayssincefirstuse
Days Since Last Use mobiledayssincelastuse
Hour of Day (SDK) mobilehourofday
Day of Week (SDK) mobiledayofweek
Operating System (SDK) mobileosenvironment
Days Since Last Upgrade mobiledayssincelastupgrade
Launches Since Last Upgrade mobilelaunchessincelastupgrade
Device Name (SDK) mobiledevice
Operating System Version (SDK) mobileosversion
Beacon Major mobilebeaconmajor
Beacon Minor mobilebeaconminor
Beacon UUID mobilebeaconuuid
Beacon Proximity mobilebeaconproximity
Location (down to 10 km) latlon1
Location (down to 100 m) latlon23
Location (down to 1 m) latlon45
Point of Interest Name pointofinterest
Distance to Point of Interest Center pointofinterestdistance
Location Accuracy mobileplaceaccuracy
Place Category mobileplacecategory
Place ID mobileplaceid
Entry Beacon Major entrymobilebeaconmajor
Exit Beacon Major exitmobilebeaconmajor
Entry Beacon Minor entrymobilebeaconminor
Exit Beacon Minor exitmobilebeaconminor
Entry Beacon UUID entrymobilebeaconuuid
Exit Beacon UUID exitmobilebeaconuuid
Entry Beacon Proximity entrymobilebeaconproximity
Exit Beacon Proximity exitmobilebeaconproximity

Adobe Advertising Cloud (AMO)

Dimension name (visible in Analytics UI) Dimension ID (used in API requests)
AMO EF ID amo_ef_id
AMO ID amo_cid

Activity Map

Dimension name (visible in Analytics UI) Dimension ID (used in API requests)
Activity Map Link By Region clickmaplinkbyregion
Activity Map Region clickmapregion
Activity Map Link clickmaplink
Activity Map Page clickmappage

Nielsen Integration

For more information on how to implement this integration, see the Nielsen Extension.

Dimension name (visible in Analytics UI) Dimension ID (used in API requests)
Nielsen Ad Model nielsenadmodel
Nielsen Segment C nielsensegmentc
Nielsen Segment B nielsensegmentb
Nielsen Segment A nielsensegmenta
Nielsen Content ID nielsencontentid
Nielsen Asset/Program nielsenasset
Nielsen VCID nielsenvcid
Nielsen Opt Out nielsenoptout
Nielsen Client ID + VCID nielsenclientidvcid
Nielsen Client ID nielsenclientid
Entry Nielsen Opt Out entrynielsenoptout
Exit Nielsen Opt Out exitnielsenoptout
Entry Nielsen Client ID + VCID entrynielsenclientidvcid
Exit Nielsen Client ID + VCID exitnielsenclientidvcid
Entry Nielsen Client ID entrynielsenclientid
Exit Nielsen Client ID exitnielsenclientid

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

Dimension name (visible in Analytics UI) Dimension ID (used in API requests)
Asset ID aemassetid
Asset Source aemassetsource
Clicked Asset ID aemclickedassetid
Entry Asset ID entryaemassetid
Exit Asset ID exitaemassetid

Adobe Campaign

Dimension name (visible in Analytics UI) Dimension ID (used in API requests)
Adobe Campaign Executed Delivery ID ac_delivery_internal_name

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