Configuration Reference Guide

This guide is intended for merchants and system administrators that work in Adobe Commerce or Magento Open Source. It provides reference information for all store configuration settings that are accessed from the Admin sidebar at Stores > Settings > Configuration.

It does not cover details about the capabilities of Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source or procedures for store configuration.

This guide is organized according to the configuration left navigation:

Configuration tab
Child tabs

The General configuration sections determine store parameters, URLs, theme, currency, email addresses, store contacts, editor, and dashboard report.
- General
- B2B Features
- Web
- Currency Setup
- Store Email Addresses
- Contacts
- Reports
- Content Management
- New Relic Reporting
- Advanced Reporting

The Catalog configuration settings determine the product and inventory settings, control sitemap and RSS feed generation, and specify the email template that is used to share products with friends.
- Catalog
- Visual Merchandiser
- Inventory
- XML Sitemap
- RSS Feeds
- Email to a Friend

The Security configuration settings control store security, two-factor authentication, and the Google reCAPTCHA feature.
- 2FA
- Google reCAPTCHA Admin Panel
- Google reCAPTCHA Storefront
- Security.txt

The Customers configuration settings establish basic customer account and login options, newsletter settings, wish list, and the format of auto-generated coupon codes.
- Login as Customer
- Newsletter
- Company Configuration
- Customer Configuration
- Requisition Lists
- Wish List
- Invitations
- Reward Points
- Promotions
- Gift Registry
- Persistent Shopping Cart

The Sales configuration settings determine checkout and tax settings, payment and shipping options, sales email and PDF print-outs, and Google API settings.
- Sales
- Sales Emails
- Quotes
- PDF Print-outs
- Tax
- Checkout
- Shipping Settings
- Multishipping Settings
- Delivery Methods
- Google API
- 3D Secure
- Gift Cards
- Payment Methods
Sales Channels

When the Amazon Sales Channel extension is installed, the Sales Channels settings control automated integration operations with your Amazon store.
- Global Settings

The Services configuration settings determine Commerce API integration settings, including SOAP and OAuth.
- Web API
- Commerce Services
- OAuth

The Advanced configuration settings determine default Admin settings, various system configuration settings, advanced module controls, and developer tools.
- Admin
- System
- Developer

It does not cover details about the capabilities of Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source or procedures for store configuration.

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