Adobe Experience Platform enables organizations to centralize and standardize customer data from any system before applying data science and machine learning to dramatically improve the design and delivery of rich, personalized experiences.



  • Adobe Experience Platform Overview
    Learn how Experience Platform makes it possible to deliver personalized experiences to your customers in real-time.
  • Troubleshooting Guide
    Find answers to frequently asked questions and a guide for troubleshooting common errors in Experience Platform.


  • Access Control
    Leverage product profiles in Adobe Admin Console to link users with permissions and sandboxes.
  • Sandboxes
    Partition a Platform instance into virtual environments for development, testing, and application deployment.

Data Modeling

  • Schemas
    Use Experience Data Model (XDM) classes and mixins to standardize experience data.

Data Ingestion and Management

  • Catalog Service
    Explore data lineage, metadata, file descriptions, directories, and datasets within the Data Lake.
  • Data Access
    Discover and access ingested datasets within Platform.
  • Data Ingestion
    Bring your data into Platform through batch or streaming ingestion.
  • Data Prep
    Prepare your data for ingestion into Adobe Experience Platform.
  • Observability
    Monitor Platform activities through the use of statistical metrics and event notifications.
  • Sources
    Ingest data from a variety of sources or structure, label, and enhance already ingested data.

Customer Data

  • Identity Service
    Bridge customer identities across devices and systems to deliver personalized digital experiences.
  • Real-time Customer Profile
    Merge customer data to create a unified view of customer interactions across channels.
  • Segmentation Service
    Build segments and generate audiences from your Real-time Customer Profile data.


  • Data Governance
    Enforce data usage restrictions through the use of labels, marketing actions, and policies.
  • Privacy Service
    Manage customer data requests to comply with legal privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA.

Data Science and Queries

  • Data Science Workspace
    Use machine learning to develop, train, and score models and recipes with Adobe Sensei and JupyterLab Notebooks.
  • Intelligent Services
    Utilize intelligent AI services to generate scores, discover insights, and create segments from your marketing events data.
  • Query Service
    Use standard SQL to query data in Platform Data Lake.



Basic Architecture of Experience Platform (Video)

This video walks through an overview diagram and explains the primary components of Experience Platform.

Label, Ingest, and Verify Identity Data (Video)

This video shows you how to label data fields as identities, ingest Identity data and then verify that the data has made it to the private graph.

Understanding the XDM System & Experience Data Model (Video)

Learn about Experience Data Model (XDM), the standard data model to describe customer experiences.

Authenticate and access Experience Platform APIs

This document provides a step-by-step tutorial for gaining access to an Adobe Experience Platform developer account in order to make calls to Experience Platform APIs.

Create a schema using the Schema Editor

This tutorial covers the steps for creating a schema using the Schema Editor within Experience Platform.

Ingest data with sources

Ingest data from a variety of sources and structure, label, and enhance incoming data using Platform services.

Getting Started for Data Architects and Engineers

A hands-on tutorial to start implementing Platform. Sample data and assets provided.

Comprehensive Technical Tutorial

A hands-on tutorial covering many aspects of Platform, including connections to third-party systems.

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Learn the many components of Experience Platform.

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