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Adobe Experience Platform enables organizations to centralize and standardize customer data from any system. It then applies data science and machine learning to dramatically improve the design and delivery of rich, personalized experiences.

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  • Alerts
    Learn about alerts in Adobe Experience Platform, including the structure of how alert rules are defined.
  • Sandboxes
    Partition a Platform instance into virtual environments for development, testing, and application deployment.
  • Access Control
    Use product profiles in Adobe Admin Console to manage user permissions. Learn how to assign users to products and sandboxes.
  • License Usage
    Learn about best practices and tools you can use to better manage your license entitlements with Adobe Experience Platform.
  • Unified Tags
    Use unified tags to manage metadata taxonomies. Learn how to create tag categories and tags.

Data Modeling

  • Schemas
    Use Experience Data Model (XDM) classes and schema field groups to standardize experience data.

Data Collection

  • Data Collection in Adobe Experience Platform
    Enable client-side data collection for Adobe Experience Platform Edge Network.
  • Datastreams
    Learn how to configure Datastreams in Adobe Experience Platform.
  • Tags (Launch)
    Get access to documentation and tutorials for tags in Adobe Experience Platform.
  • Experience Platform Web SDK
    Get access to documentation and tutorials for Experience Platform Web SDK.
  • Experience Platform Mobile SDK
    Get access to documentation and tutorials for Experience Platform Mobile SDK and the Places service.
  • Experience Platform Edge Network Server API
    Use the Edge Network Server API for data collection, personalization, advertising, and marketing use cases with Experience Cloud or Experience Platform Edge services.
  • Experience Platform Assurance
    Adobe Experience Platform Assurance lets you inspect, proof, simulate, and validate how you collect data or serve experiences within your mobile applications.
  • Experience Platform Debugger
    Examine your web pages for problems with your Experience Platform implementations.
  • Event Forwarding
    Learn about event forwarding in Adobe Experience Platform, which allows you to use the Platform Edge Network to execute tasks without changing your tag implementation.

Data Ingestion and Management

  • Catalog Service
    Explore data lineage, metadata, file descriptions, directories, and datasets within the Data Lake.
  • Dashboards
    Learn how to visualize data in Experience Platform through customizable dashboards.
  • Data Access
    Find and access ingested datasets in Experience Platform.
  • Data Ingestion
    Bring your data into Experience Platform through batch or streaming ingestion.
  • Data Prep
    Prepare your data for ingestion into Adobe Experience Platform.
  • Dataflows
    Learn about dataflows and how to configure them across different services.
  • Datasets
    This document provides a high-level overview of datasets in Experience Platform.
  • Observability
    Use statistical metrics and event notifications to monitor Experience Platform activities.
  • Sources
    Ingest data from a variety of sources. Learn how to structure, label, and enhance already ingested data.

Customer Data

  • Identity Service
    Bridge customer identities across devices and systems to deliver personalized digital experiences.
  • Real-time Customer Profile
    Merge customer data to create a unified view of customer interactions across channels.
  • Real-time Customer Profile Data Guardrails
    Adobe Experience Platform uses a highly denormalized hybrid data model that differs from the traditional relational data model. This document provides default use and rate limits to help you model your Profile data for optimal system performance.
  • Segmentation Service
    Build audiences from your Real-Time Customer Profile data using Adobe Experience Platform generated segment definitions or external sources.
  • Real-Time Customer Data Platform (all editions)
    Bring together known and anonymous data from multiple enterprise sources to create customer profiles, create audience segments from those profiles, and activate those segments to third-party destinations.

Governance, Privacy, and Security

  • Data Governance
    Enforce data usage restrictions through the use of labels, marketing actions, and governance policies.
  • Privacy Service
    Manage customer data requests to comply with legal privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA.
  • Data Hygiene
    Delete individual records and schedule dataset expirations in Experience Platform for data cleansing, removing anonymous data, and data minimization.
  • Audit Logs
    Learn how audit logs allow you to see who did what actions in Adobe Experience Platform.

Data Science and Queries

  • Data Science Workspace
    Use machine learning to develop, train, and score models and recipes with Adobe Sensei and JupyterLab Notebooks.
  • Intelligent Services
    Use intelligent AI services to generate scores, discover insights, and create segments from your marketing events data.
  • Query Service
    Use standard SQL to query data within the data lake in Experience Platform.


  • Destinations
    Activate your known and unknown data for cross-channel marketing campaigns, email campaigns, targeted advertising, and more.


Basic Architecture of Experience Platform (Video)

Learn the high-level architecture of Adobe Experience Platform from a guided walkthrough of an overview diagram.

Schemas and Experience Data Model (XDM) overview (Video)

Learn about Experience Data Model (XDM), the standard data model to describe customer experiences.

Label, Ingest, and Verify Identity Data (Video)

Learn how to label data fields as identities, ingest identity data, and verify the data in the Adobe Experience Platform Identity Service private graph.

Data Collection tutorials

How-to videos and tutorials to make you a power-user of Data Collection in Experience Platform.

Authenticate and access Experience Platform APIs

Learn how to access to Adobe Experience Platform APIs.

Ingest data with sources

Learn how to easily ingest data from Adobe, first-party, and third-party applications into Platform’s Real-Time Customer Profile and data lake.

Getting Started for Data Architects and Engineers

A hands-on tutorial to start implementing Platform. Sample data and assets provided.

Implement Adobe Experience Cloud with Web SDK

Implement Adobe Experience Cloud with Web SDK tutorial

Digital Experience Blueprints

Digital experience blueprints are repeatable implementations to address strategy and solve established business problems. They accelerate time-to-value and provide a fast path to success.

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Learn the many components of Experience Platform.

Use Cases

Deliver compelling and connected experiences during the key conversion moments to intelligently re-engage infrequent customers.

Learn how to engage and acquire new customers through prospecting use cases, enabled by the partner data support in Real-Time CDP.

Learn how to supplement first-party profiles with attributes from trusted data partners to improve your data foundation, gain new insights into your customer base, and better audience optimization.

Learn how to use partner-aided visitor recognition to deliver personalized onsite experiences to your visitors.

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