Observability Insights overview

Adobe Experience Platform Observability Insights allows you to monitor Platform activities through the use of statistical metrics and event notifications. This document provides an overview of the various capabilities provided by the service, along with links to further documentation for details.

Observability Insights API

The Observability Insights API is a RESTful API that allows you to expose key observability metrics in Adobe Experience Platform. These metrics provide insights into Platform usage statistics, health-checks for Platform services, historical trends, and performance indicators for various Platform functionalities.

For more information on working with the API, see the Observability Insights API developer guide.


Experience Platform allows you to subscribe to alerts based on specific Observability metrics when a certain set of conditions in your Platform operations is reached. An alert can take the form of one-time notification, or it can repeat over a pre-defined time interval until the conditions that triggered the alert have been resolved.

By subscribing to alerts, you can set up your own downstream protocols for when a job has completed, if a certain milestone within a workflow has been reached, or if any failures occurred during the process.

See the overview on alerts for more information.

Next steps

This document covered the various capabilities of Observability Insights. Refer to the documentation linked to throughout this overview to learn more about each feature.