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Use Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform (Real-Time CDP) to bring together known and anonymous data from multiple enterprise sources in order to create customer profiles that can be used to provide personalized customer experiences across all channels and devices in real time. Read the Real-Time CDP overview for more information.

What’s new? whats-new

Get a glimpse of the newest enhancements in Real-Time CDP product and documentation. For a comprehensive list of features, improvements, and fixes, check out the detailed Release Notes. Stay up-to-date with the latest changes in our documentation by visiting the documentation updates section of the monthly release notes.

Use Case Playbooks

The Use Case Playbooks functionality is now generally available for all Real-Time CDP and Adobe Journey Optimizer customers. Use Case Playbooks are designed to assist users in overcoming challenges when starting with Real-Time Customer Data Platform or Adobe Journey Optimizer. When you’re unsure of where to begin or how to create the right assets for your desired use cases, Use Case Playbooks provide inspiration and create different assets for you to test and import to production environments when ready.


Sandbox tooling

Use the sandbox tooling feature to improve configuration accuracy across sandboxes and seamlessly export and import configurations between sandboxes. You can use the sandbox tooling feature to select different objects and export them into a package.


Computed attributes

Easily summarize event data into profile attributes via an intuitive UI for enhanced behavior-based segmentation, personalization, and activation. With this feature, you can create computed attributes in a self-serve manner, manage them, and use them in segmentation, Real-Time CDP destinations, or Adobe Journey Optimizer. Additionally, computed attributes simplify segmentation and journey workflows to help you seamlessly deliver relevant experiences.


Data exports

The dataset export functionality is now generally available. See which datasets you can export based on the Experience Platform app you purchased, and check the guardrails for exporting datasets.


Partner data support

Execute upper-funnel marketing in Real-Time CDP, with partner-sourced prospect profiles and partner IDs to reach new customers and enrich your first-party data. Leverage cookieless identifiers and hashed PII from data partners of choice to reach net new customers and reduce third-party cookie dependency.


Start with the basics start-with-basics

Start by reading the material in the links below to familiarize yourself with Real-Time CDP concepts, user interfaces, workflows, and suggested use cases.

Get started
Get an overview of Real-Time CDP to learn how to ingest, manage, and activate data at scale with Real-Time CDP.

Which Real-Time CDP edition is right for my company
Understand the differences between the different editions of Real-Time CDP and decide which one is best for your company.

User interface
Understand the elements of the Real-Time CDP UI homepage, how to navigate and optimize your in-product experience.

Explore an end-to-end workflow
Understand the flow of data from ingestion, through enriching profiles and creating audiences, to activation.

Sample Real-Time CDP Use cases
Explore the many ways in which Real-Time CDP can help your company acquire new customers, enrich your known profiles, and more.

Explore the core pillars of Real-Time CDP and the documentation explore-core-pillars

Understand the four core pillars of Adobe Real-Time CDP that help you:

  • Collect or ingest data through a myriad of source connectors and data collection methods;
  • Manage and segment your most valuable profiles into audiences;
  • Know that you are managing data while staying compliant with various regulations, restrictions, and policies applicable to data use;
  • Market to your customers and personalize their experience across channels.

Excerpt from a slide showing the four pillars of Adobe Real-Time CDP.

Explore the product documentation links below to understand how the four core pillars of Adobe Real-Time CDP can help you achieve your enterprise use cases.

Data ingestion and management
Explore the many ways in which you can get data into Real-Time CDP.
Batch ingestion - Streaming ingestion - Sources - Schemas - Datasets - Queries
Profiles & audiences
Manage various types of profiles and group them into audiences based on common interests, behaviors, or characteristics.
Audiences - Profiles - Identities - License usage - Privacy management
Data governance and trust
Understand how to ensure compliance with various regulations, restrictions, and policies applicable to data use.
Data governance - Data usage labels - Data usage policies
Data activation
Market to your customers across channels and export data from Real-Time CDP to any desired storage location.
Destinations catalog - Destination types - Activate audiences - Export datasets
Configuration and administration
As an administrator, learn how you can assist your team with the right permissions, access controls, and sandbox configurations.
Access control - Attribute-based access control - End-to-end guide - Sandboxes management
Cloud and AI/ML capabilities
AI and ML capabilities assist you at every step of the way in multiple dashboards. Some highlights include the areas below.
Lookalike audiences - Customer AI - Related accounts - Predictive lead and account scoring - Lead-to-account matching
Guardrails and best practices
Learn about best practices and current limitations when working with data in Real-Time CDP.
Guardrails - Data Management License Entitlement Best Practices - Data Modeling Best Practices - Privacy Service Best Practices
Use the various APIs and SDKs provided by Real-Time CDP to set up data ingestion, manage profiles, create audiences, and more.
Authenticate and get started with APIs - Complete API reference - Destination SDK - Sources SDK - Mobile SDK

View these three introductory videos to get a deeper understanding of Real-Time CDP, its architecture, interface, and how it fits in within the larger Adobe Experience Cloud.

Real-Time CDP as part of the Adobe Experience Cloud video

Real-Time CDP as part of the Adobe Experience Cloud

Understand where Real-Time CDP fits within the larger Adobe Experience Cloud

thumbnail image for the 'Basic architecture of Adobe Experience Platform video

Basic architecture of Adobe Experience Platform

Learn the high-level architecture of Adobe Experience Platform from a guided walkthrough of an overview diagram

thumbnail image for the 'Interface tour of Adobe Experience Platform' video

Interface tour of Adobe Experience Platform

Learn how to navigate the Real-Time CDP user interface

Additional resources additional-resources

Browse the links below to further your understanding of Real-Time CDP use cases, services, and much more.

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