Self-Serve Sources (Batch SDK) overview

Adobe Experience Platform Self-Serve Sources (Batch SDK) is a framework that allows you to integrate a REST API-based source to the Experience Platform sources catalog using the Flow Service API. Self-Serve Sources (Batch SDK) provides with a set of configuration APIs to build your own source and bring your batch data to Experience Platform.

With Self-Serve Sources (Batch SDK), you can:

  • Configure and integrate a new source to the Experience Platform catalog using the Flow Service API.
  • Define specifications for your source, including information pertaining to supported authentication types and how resource data is fetched.
  • Create user-facing documentation for your new source.

The Self-Serve Sources documentation provides instructions to configure, test, and release a REST API-based source integration with Experience Platform, and have your source become part of the ever-growing sources catalog.


Understanding sources

Experience Platform can ingest data from external sources while allowing you to structure, label, and enhance that data using Experience Platform services. You can ingest data from a variety of sources such as Adobe applications, cloud-based storage, third-party software, and your CRM system.

For more information on sources, and to see a list of different sources currently supported on Experience Platform, see the sources overview.

Create a source

Through Self-Serve Sources, you can integrate your own REST API-based source and bring your data to Experience Platform with Flow Service. You can integrate a source to the Experience Platform sources catalog by creating, configuring, and submitting new connection specification through the Flow Service API.

See the guide on creating a new connection specification for information on how to integrate a new source to Experience Platform.

Document your source

Once your source is created, see the documentation guide for instructions on how to document your source through the GitHub web interface or through your own text editor.

High-level process

The step-by-step process to configure your source in Experience Platform is outlined below: