Document your source

The final step before your new source can be set live in Adobe Experience Platform is to document your new source.

This documentation guide includes:


The following items are required before you can start documenting your new source:

  • A valid GitHub user account: If you do not have an existing GitHub account, then you must create one through the GitHub sign up page;
  • Access to GitHub Desktop: You must use the GitHub Desktop app in order to create your source documentation in your local environment;
  • Your integration with Adobe must be in a testing phase with your source deployed in a staging environment in Platform.

High-level instructions to create documentation for your source in Platform

At a high level, to create documentation for your source, you need to create a fork of the Platform documentation repository and edit the provided documentation template in a new branch. Use the Adobe-provided template to create a new source page and open a pull request (PR) when you are ready. Instructions to do this are further below, in steps to create your new source page.

Documentation template

You can use a pre-filled documentation template to assist in creating documentation for your source. Further below, you can find instructions on how to edit the template and open a pull request. Submitted documentation for your new source will be reviewed and published by the Adobe documentation team.

You can also download the documentation templates below:

Create your new source page

You can use the GitHub web interface or your local environment to create documentation for your new source in Platform. Find instructions for both options in the links below: