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Overview overview

Use Case Playbooks can help you overcome the problem when getting started with Real-Time CDP or Adobe Journey Optimizer when you might not know exactly what to begin with or how to create the right assets in order to achieve your desired use cases. Use Case Playbooks can help you here by:

  • Showing you use cases for inspiration
  • Creating different assets for you to use, test, and promote to production when ready.

View of all playbooks

Each playbook includes information about the specific use case that it solves.

For example, if you select a Real-Time CDP playbook, your objective might be to generate audiences that you can then map to a destination to run a marketing campaign. If you select an Adobe Journey Optimizer playbook, your objective might be to construct a customer journey within your product, and send relevant messaging to your customers.

Create an instance of a playbook to generate specific assets like schemas, audiences, or journeys that are tailored to your use case and are reusable in Experience Platform. The purpose of these objects is to help you understand all the resources that are required to implement your specific use case. They do not contain any data and are created in development sandboxes. Start using these assets or make edits to them before using them and sharing them with your team in Real-Time CDP or Journey Optimizer. Promote the desired assets from the inspirational sandbox to a development sandbox and then further to a production sandbox.

Video overview

Watch this video to learn how to discover, create, publish, and troubleshoot instances of a Use Case Playbook from end-to-end, as well as how to copy the assets generated by the playbook into other sandboxes set up in your organization.

Availability availability

Some Use Case Playbooks are tailored to Real-Time CDP use cases while others are best suited for customers using Journey Optimizer. Browse the catalog to find the playbooks best suited to your product and use case. Discover more about Real-Time CDP and Journey Optimizer in the Adobe product descriptions.

UI guides ui-guides

After you decide on the playbook that you want to use, select it from the UI and get started with it. Read the UI guides on how to choose the right playbook from a selection for you and how to create, share, and reuse playbook instances for complete information on how to create instances and make the most of a playbook. To learn how to promote various assets from the inspirational sandbox to other development sandboxes, and then to production, read the documentation on data awareness.

Troubleshooting and known limitations trouble-shooting-known-limitations

For any issues you may come across while using the playbooks, refer to the troubleshooting and known limitations page.