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Schemas in Real-Time Customer Data Platform B2B Edition

Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform B2B Edition provides several standard Experience Data Model (XDM) classes that capture details about essential B2B data entities, such as accounts, opportunities, campaigns, and more. In addition, Real-Time CDP B2B Edition allows you to define many-to-one relationships between these schemas so they can participate in advanced segmentation use cases.

You must have access to Real-Time CDP B2B Edition in order for B2B schemas to participate in Real-Time Customer Profile.

The following standard classes are provided in Real-Time CDP B2B Edition:

To understand how schemas fit into your B2B workflow, please see the end-to-end tutorial.

For steps on how to create a many-to-one relationship between two schemas, refer to the tutorial on defining B2B schema relationships.

If you are using a B2B source connection, you can use a tool to automatically generate the required schemas and the relationships between them. See the guide on B2B namespaces in the sources documentation for more information.