Real-Time Customer Data Platform administration overview

This document provides an overview of the administration capabilities of Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform, powered by Adobe Experience Platform.

Experience Platform allows administrators to manage role-based access control for users, as well as manage virtual sandboxes for application development.

The following sections provide introductions to the central components of Experience Platform administration capabilities, and includes links to Experience Platform documentation where more detailed information is provided.

Access control

Attribute-based access control is administered through the Permissions UI. This functionality leverages roles in the Permissions UI, allowing you to link users with permissions and sandboxes. Using this feature, administrators can grant or restrict access to specific Real-Time CDP capabilities for defined sets of users.

To learn more about access control, see the attribute-based access control overview in the Experience Platform documentation.

For a detailed guide to granting access to Real-Time CDP capabilities, including enabling visibility in the UI, please follow the steps provided in the access control user guide, specifically those for managing details and additional services for a product profile.


Adobe Experience Platform (and Real-Time CDP by extension) is built to enrich digital experience applications on a global scale. Companies often run multiple digital experience applications in parallel and need to cater to the development, testing, and deployment of these applications while ensuring operational compliance.

To address this need, Adobe Experience Platform provides sandboxes, enabling you to partition a single Platform instance into separate virtual environments that can be used to develop and evolve digital experience applications. You can use the sandbox tooling feature to improve configuration accuracy across sandboxes and seamlessly export and import sandbox configurations between sandboxes. Follow the steps provided in the sandbox tooling UI guide.

For more information on sandboxes, see the sandboxes overview in the Experience Platform documentation.