Data column reference

Use this page to learn what data is contained in each column. Most implementations don’t use every column, so this page can be referenced when determining which columns to include in a data feed export.


For any given column (for instance, one that is defined as 255 characters), a data feed can send additional characters due to the addition of characters escaping values in a string. Keep these potential extra characters in mind if your implementation regularly sends values that exceed character limits.

Columns, Descriptions, and Data Types


Most columns contain a similar column with a prefix of post_. Post columns contain values after server-side logic, processing rules, and VISTA rules. Adobe recommends using post columns in most cases. See Data feeds FAQ for more information.

Column name Column description Data type
accept_language Lists all accepted languages, as indicated in the Accept-Language HTTP header in an image request. char(20)
aemassetid A multi-value variable corresponding to Asset ID’s (GUID’s) of a set of Adobe Experience Manager Assets. Increments Impression Events. text
aemassetsource Identifies the source of the asset event. Used in Adobe Experience Manager. varchar(255)
aemclickedassetid Asset ID of an Adobe Experience Manager asset. Increments Click Events. varchar(255)
browser Numeric ID of the browser. References the browser.tsv lookup table. int unsigned
browser_height Height in pixels of the browser window. smallint unsigned
browser_width Width in pixels of the browser window. smallint unsigned
c_color Bit depth of the color palette. Used as part of calculating the Color depth dimension. AppMeasurement uses the JavaScript function screen.colorDepth(). char(20)
campaign Variable used in the Tracking Code dimension. varchar(255)
carrier Adobe Advertising Cloud integration variable. Specifies the mobile carrier. References the carrier lookup table. varchar(100)
channel Variable used in the Site sections dimension. varchar(100)
click_action No longer used. Address of linked clicked in the legacy Clickmap tool. varchar(100)
click_action_type No longer used. Link type of the legacy Clickmap tool.
1: Custom ID
2: JavaScript onClick event
3: Form element
tinyint unsigned
click_context No longer used. Page name where the link click occurred. Part of the legacy Clickmap tool. varchar(255)
click_context_type No longer used. Indicates if click_context had a page name or defaulted to page URL.
0: Page URL
1: Page Name
tinyint unsigned
click_sourceid No longer used. Numeric ID for the location on the page of the clicked link. Part of the legacy Clickmap tool. int unsigned
click_tag No longer used. Type of HTML element that was clicked. char(10)
clickmaplink Activity Map link varchar(255)
clickmaplinkbyregion Activity Map link by region varchar(255)
clickmappage Activity Map page varchar(255)
clickmapregion Activity Map region varchar(255)
code_ver AppMeasurement Library version used to compile and send the image request. char(16)
color Color depth ID based on the value of the c_color column. References the color_depth.tsv lookup table. smallint unsigned
connection_type Numeric ID representing the connection type. Variable used in the Connection type dimension. References the connection_type.tsv lookup table. tinyint unsigned
cookies Variable used in the Cookie support dimension.
Y: Enabled
N: Disabled
U: Unknown
country Numeric ID representing the country the hit came from. Used in the Countries dimension. Uses country.tsv lookup. smallint unsigned
ct_connect_type Related to the connection_type column. Most common values are LAN/Wifi, Mobile Carrier, and Modem. char(20)
curr_factor Determines the currency decimal place, and is used for currency conversion. For example, USD uses two decimal places, so this column value would be 2. tinyint
curr_rate The exchange rate when the transaction occurred. Adobe partners with XE to determine the current day’s exchange rate. decimal(24,12)
currency The currency code that was used during the transaction. char(8)
cust_hit_time_gmt Timestamp-enabled report suites only. The timestamp sent with the hit, based in Unix time. int
cust_visid If a custom visitor ID is set, it is populated in this column. varchar(255)
daily_visitor Flag to determine if the hit is a new daily visitor. tinyint unsigned
date_time The time of the hit in readable format, based on the report suite’s time zone. datetime
domain Variable used in the Domain dimension. Based on the visitor’s internet access point. varchar(100)
duplicate_events Lists each event that was counted as a duplicate. varchar(255)
duplicate_purchase Flag indicating that the purchase event for this hit should be ignored because it is a duplicate. tinyint unsigned
duplicated_from Only used in report suites containing hit copy VISTA rules. Indicates which report suite the hit was copied from. varchar(40)
ef_id The ef_id used in Adobe Advertising Cloud integrations. varchar(255)
evar1 - evar250 Custom variables 1-250. Used in eVar dimensions. Each organization uses eVars differently. The best place for more information on how your organization populates respective eVars would be a solution design document specific to your organization. varchar(255)
event_list Comma-separated list of numeric IDs representing events triggered on the hit. Includes both default events and custom events 1-1000. Uses event.tsv lookup. text
exclude_hit Flag indicating that the hit is excluded from reporting. The visit_num column is not incremented for excluded hits.
1: Not used. Part of a scrapped feature.
2: Not used. Part of a scrapped feature.
3: No longer used. User agent exclusion
4: Exclusion based on IP address
5: Vital hit info missing, such as page_url, pagename, page_event, or event_list
6: JavaScript did not correctly process hit
7: Account-specific exclusion, such as in a VISTA rules
8: Not used. Alternate account-specific exclusion.
9: Not used. Part of a scrapped feature.
10: Invalid currency code
11: Hit missing a timestamp on a timestamp-only report suite, or a hit contained a timestamp on a non-timestamp report suite
12: Not used. Part of a scrapped feature.
13: Not used. Part of a scrapped feature.
14: Target hit that did not match up with an Analytics hit
15: Not currently used.
16: Advertising Cloud hit that did not match up to an Analytics hit
tinyint unsigned
first_hit_page_url The very first URL of the visitor. varchar(255)
first_hit_pagename Variable used in the Entry page original dimension. The original entry page name of the visitor. varchar(100)
first_hit_ref_domain Variable used in the Original referring domain dimension. Based on first_hit_referrer. The very first referring domain of the visitor. varchar(100)
first_hit_ref_type Numeric ID representing the referrer type of the very first referrer of the visitor. Uses referrer_type.tsv lookup. tinyint unsigned
first_hit_referrer The very first referring URL of the visitor. varchar(255)
first_hit_time_gmt Timestamp of the very first hit of the visitor in Unix time. int
geo_city Name of the city the hit came from, based on IP. Used in the Cities dimension. char(32)
geo_country Abbreviation of the country the hit came from, based on IP. char(4)
geo_dma Numeric ID of the demographic area the hit came from, based on IP. Used in the US DMA dimension. int unsigned
geo_region Name of the state or region the hit came from, based on IP. Used in the Regions dimension. char(32)
geo_zip The zip code the hit came came from, based on IP. Helps populate the Zip code dimension. See also zip. varchar(16)
hier1 - hier5 Used by hierarchy variables. Contains a delimited list of values. The delimiter is chosen under report suite settings. varchar(255)
hit_source Indicates what source the hit came from. Hit sources 1, 2, and 6 are billed.
1: Standard image request without timestamp
2: Standard image request with timestamp
3: Live data source upload with timestamps
4: Not used
5: Generic data source upload
6: Full processing data source upload
7: TransactionID data source upload
8: No longer used; Previous versions of Adobe Advertising Cloud data sources
9: No longer used; Adobe Social summary metrics
10: Audience Manager server-side forwarding used
tinyint unsigned
hit_time_gmt The timestamp of the hit Adobe data collection servers received the hit, based in Unix time. int
hitid_high Used in combination with hitid_low to uniquely identify a hit. bigint unsigned
hitid_low Used in combination with hitid_high to uniquely identify a hit. bigint unsigned
homepage No longer used. Indicated if the current URL is the browser’s homepage. char(1)
hourly_visitor Flag to determine if the hit is a new hourly visitor. tinyint unsigned
ip IP Address, based on the HTTP header of the image request. char(20)
ip2 Not used. Backend reference variable for report suites containing VISTA rules based on IP address. char(20)
j_jscript Version of JavaScript supported by the browser. char(5)
java_enabled Flag indicating whether Java is enabled.
Y: Enabled
N: Disabled
U: Unknown
javascript Lookup ID of JavaScript version, based on j_jscript. Uses lookup table. tinyint unsigned
language Numeric ID of language. Uses languages.tsv lookup table. smallint unsigned
last_hit_time_gmt Timestamp (in Unix time) of the prior hit. Used to calculate the Days since last visit dimension. int
last_purchase_num Variable used in the Customer loyalty dimension. The number of previous purchases the visitor has made.
0: No prior purchases (not a customer)
1: 1 prior purchase (new customer)
2: 2 prior purchases (return customer)
3: 3 or more prior purchases (loyal customer)
int unsigned
last_purchase_time_gmt Used in the Days since last purchase dimension. Timestamp (in Unix time) of the last purchase made. For first-time purchases and visitors that have not made a purchase before, this value is 0. int
latlon1 Location (down to 10 km) varchar(255)
latlon23 Location (down to 100 m) varchar(255)
latlon45 Location (down to 1 m) varchar(255)
mc_audiences List of Audience Manager segment IDs that the visitor belongs to. text
mcvisid Experience Cloud Visitor ID. 128-bit number consisting of two concatenated 64-bit numbers padded to 19 digits. varchar(255)
mobile_id If the user is using a mobile device, the numeric ID of the device. int
mobileaction Mobile action. Automatically collected when trackAction is called in Mobile Services. Allows for automatic action pathing in the app. varchar(100)
mobileappid Mobile app ID. Stores the application name and version in the following format: [AppName] [BundleVersion] varchar(255)
mobileappperformanceappid Used in the Apteligent data connector. The App ID used in Apteligent. varchar(255)
mobileappperformancecrashid Used in the Apteligent data connector. The crash ID used in Apteligent. varchar(255)
mobileappstoreobjectid Used in the Appfigures data connector. App store object ID. varchar(255)
mobilebeaconmajor Mobile Services beacon major varchar(100)
mobilebeaconminor Mobile Services beacon minor varchar(100)
mobilebeaconproximity Mobile Services beacon proximity varchar(255)
mobilebeaconuuid Mobile Services beacon UUID varchar(100)
mobilecampaigncontent The name or ID of the content that displayed the link. Populated by Mobile App Acquisition. varchar(255)
mobilecampaignmedium Marketing medium, such as banner or email. Populated by Mobile App Acquisition. varchar(255)
mobilecampaignname Name of the campaign, also stored in the campaign variable. Populated by Mobile App Acquisition. varchar(255)
mobilecampaignsource Original referrer, such as newsletter or social media network. Populated by Mobile App Acquisition. varchar(255)
mobilecampaignterm Paid keywords or other terms you want to track with this acquisition. Populated by Mobile App Acquisition. varchar(255)
mobiledayofweek Number of the weekday that the app was launched on. varchar(255)
mobiledayssincefirstuse Number of days since the app was run for the first time. varchar(255)
mobiledayssincelastupgrade Collected from the context data variable a.DaysSinceLastUpgrade. The number of days that have passed since the previous session. varchar(255)
mobiledayssincelastuse Number of days since the app was last run. varchar(255)
mobiledeeplinkid Collected from the context data variable Used in acquisition reports as an identifier for mobile acquisition link. varchar(255)
mobiledevice Mobile device name. On iOS, it is stored as a comma-separated 2-digit string. The first number represents the device generation, and the second number represents the device family. varchar(255)
mobilehourofday Defines the hour of the day the app was launched. Follows 24-hour numerical format. varchar(255)
mobileinstalldate Mobile install date. Provides the date of the first time a user opens the mobile app. varchar(255)
mobilelaunchessincelastupgrade Collected from the context data variable a.LaunchesSinceUpgrade. Reports the number of launches since last upgrade. varchar(255)
mobilelaunchnumber Increments by one each time the mobile app is launched. varchar(255)
mobileltv No longer used. Populated by trackLifetimeValue methods. varchar(255)
mobilemessagebuttonname Collected from the context data variable Used for in-app messaging to identify the button that closed the message. varchar(100)
mobilemessageid In-app Message ID varchar(255)
mobilemessageonline In-app Message Online varchar(255)
mobilemessagepushoptin Collected from the context data variable a.push.optin. Set to “true” when the user opts in to push messaging; otherwise the value is “false”. varchar(255)
mobilemessagepushpayloadid Collected from the context data variable a.push.payloadid. Used in push messaging as the payload identifier. varchar(255)
mobileosenvironment Collected from the context data variable a.OSEnvironment. States OS environment, such as Android or iOS. varchar(255)
mobileosversion Mobile Services operating system version varchar(255)
mobileplaceaccuracy Collected from the context data variable a.loc.acc. Indicates the accuracy of the GPS in meters at time of collection. varchar(255)
mobileplacecategory Collected from the context data variable a.loc.category. Describes the category of a specific place. varchar(255)
mobileplaceid Collected from the context data variable Identifier for a given point of interest. varchar(255)
mobilerelaunchcampaigncontent Mobile Services launch content varchar(255)
mobilerelaunchcampaignmedium Mobile Services launch medium varchar(255)
mobilerelaunchcampaignsource Mobile Services launch source varchar(255)
mobilerelaunchcampaignterm Mobile Services launch term varchar(255)
mobilerelaunchcampaigntrackingcode Collected from the context data variable a.launch.campaign.trackingcode. Used in acquisition as the tracking code for launch campaign. varchar(255)
mobileresolution Resolution of the mobile device. [Width] x [Height] in pixels. varchar(255)
monthly_visitor Flag indicating the visitor is unique to the current month. tinyint unsigned
mvvar1 - mvvar3 List variable values. Contains a delimited list of custom values depending on implementation. text
namespace Not used. Part of a scrapped feature. varchar(50)
new_visit Flag that determines if the current hit is a new visit. Set by Adobe servers after 30 minutes of visit inactivity. tinyint unsigned
os Numeric ID representing the operating system of the visitor. Based on the user_agent column. Uses os lookup. int unsigned
p_plugins No longer used. List of plugins available to the browser. Used the JavaScript function navigator.plugins(). text
page_event The type of hit that is sent in the image request (standard hit, download link, custom link, exit link). See Page event lookup. tinyint unsigned
page_event_var1 Only used in link tracking image requests. The URL of the download link, exit link, or custom link clicked. text
page_event_var2 Only used in link tracking image requests. The custom name (if specified) of the link. varchar(100)
page_event_var3 No longer used. Contained Survey and Media module data. Populated legacy video reports in previous versions of Adobe Analytics. text
page_type Used to populate the Pages not found dimension. Used exclusively for 404 pages. This variable should either be empty or contain the value ErrorPage. char(20)
page_url The URL of the hit. In its post-variant (post_page_url), the value is stripped for link tracking image requests. varchar(255)
pagename Used to populate the Page dimension. If the pagename variable is empty, Analytics uses page_url instead. varchar(100)
paid_search Flag that is set if the hit matches paid search detection. tinyint unsigned
partner_plugins Not used. Part of a scrapped feature. varchar(255)
persistent_cookie Used in the Persistent cookie support dimension. Indicates if the visitor supports cookies that are not discarded after each hit. char(1)
plugins No longer used. List of numeric ID’s that correspond to plugins available within the browser. Uses plugins.tsv lookup. varchar(180)
pointofinterest Mobile Services point of interest name varchar(255)
pointofinterestdistance Mobile Services distance to point of interest center varchar(255)
post_ columns Contains the value ultimately used in reports. Each post column is populated after server-side logic, processing rules, and VISTA rules. Adobe recommends using post columns in most cases. See respective non-post column
prev_page Not used. Adobe-proprietary identifier of the previous page. int unsigned
product_list Product list as passed in through the products variable. Products are delimited by commas while individual product properties are delimited by semicolons. text
product_merchandising Not used. Use product_list instead. text
prop1 - prop75 Custom traffic variables 1-75. Used in Prop dimensions. varchar(100)
purchaseid Unique identifier for a purchase, as set using the purchaseID variable. Used by the duplicate_purchase column. char(20)
quarterly_visitor Flag to determine if the hit is a new quarterly visitor. tinyint unsigned
ref_domain Based on the referrer column. The referring domain of the hit. Used in the Referring domain dimension. varchar(100)
ref_type A numeric ID representing the type of referral for the hit. Used in the Referrer type dimension.
1: Inside your site
2: Other web sites
3: Search engines
4: Hard drive
6: Typed/Bookmarked (no referrer)
7: Email
8: No JavaScript
9: Social Networks
tinyint unsigned
referrer Page URL of the previous page. Used in the Referrer dimension. Note that while referrer uses a data type of varchar(255), post_referrer uses a data type of varchar(244). varchar(255)
resolution Numeric ID representing the resolution of the monitor. Used in the Monitor resolution dimension. Uses resolution.tsv lookup table. smallint unsigned
s_kwcid Keyword ID used in Adobe Advertising Cloud integrations. varchar(255)
s_resolution Raw screen resolution value. Gathered using the JavaScript function screen.width x screen.height. char(20)
search_engine Numeric ID representing the Search Engine that referred the visitor to your site. Uses search_engines.tsv lookup. smallint unsigned
search_page_num Used by the All Search Page Rank dimension. Indicates which page of search results your site appeared on before the user clicked through to your site. smallint unsigned
secondary_hit Flag that tracks secondary hits. Typically originates from multi-suite tagging and VISTA rules that copy hits. tinyint unsigned
service Not used. Use page_event instead. char(2)
socialaccountandappids No longer used. Social account and app ID’s varchar(255)
socialassettrackingcode No longer used. Social campaign variable varchar(255)
socialauthor No longer used. Social Authors variable varchar(255)
socialcontentprovider No longer used. Social Platforms/Properties varchar(255)
socialinteractiontype No longer used. Social interaction type varchar(255)
sociallanguage No longer used. Social language varchar(255)
sociallatlong No longer used. Social Latitude/Longitude varchar(255)
socialowneddefinitioninsighttype No longer used. Social owned definition insight type varchar(255)
socialowneddefinitioninsightvalue No longer used. Social owned definition insight value varchar(255)
socialowneddefinitionmetric No longer used. Social owned definition metric varchar(255)
socialowneddefinitionpropertyvspost No longer used. Social owned definition property vs. post varchar(255)
socialownedpostids No longer used. Social owned post ID’s varchar(255)
socialownedpropertyid No longer used. Social owned property ID varchar(255)
socialownedpropertyname No longer used. Social owned property name varchar(255)
socialownedpropertypropertyvsapp No longer used. Social owned property vs app varchar(255)
state State variable. varchar(50)
stats_server Not of use. Adobe internal server that processed the hit. char(30)
t_time_info Local time for the visitor. Format is: M/D/YYYY HH:MM:SS Month (0-11, 0=January) Timezone offset (in minutes) varchar(100)
tnt Used in Adobe Target integrations. text
tnt_action Used in Adobe Target integrations. text
tnt_post_vista No longer used. Use post_tnt instead. text
transactionid A unique identifier where various data points can be uploaded later via data sources. Collected using the transactionID variable. text
truncated_hit A flag indicating that the image request was truncated. Indicates that a partial hit was received.
Y: Hit was truncated; partial hit received
N: Hit was not truncated; full hit received
ua_color No longer used. Formerly used as a fallback for color depth. char(20)
ua_os No longer used. Formerly used as a fallback for operating system. char(80)
ua_pixels No longer used. Formerly used as a fallback for browser height and width. char(20)
user_agent User agent string sent in the HTTP header of the image request. text
user_hash Not of use. Hash on the report suite ID. Use username instead. int unsigned
user_server Used in the Server dimension. varchar(100)
userid Not of use. The numeric ID for the report suite ID. Use username instead. int unsigned
username The report suite ID for the hit. char(40)
va_closer_detail Variable used in the Last touch detail dimension. varchar(255)
va_closer_id Numeric ID that identifies the Last touch channel dimension. Lookup for this ID can be found in the Marketing Channel Manager. tinyint unsigned
va_finder_detail Variable used in the First touch detail dimension. varchar(255)
va_finder_id Numeric ID that identifies the First touch channel dimension. Lookup for this ID can be found in the Marketing Channel Manager. tinyint unsigned
va_instance_event Flag to identify Marketing Channel Instances. tinyint unsigned
va_new_engagement Flag to identify Marketing Channel New engagements. tinyint unsigned
video Video content varchar(255)
videoad Video ad name varchar(255)
videoadinpod Video ad in pod position varchar(255)
videoadlength Video ad length varchar(255)
videoadload Video ad loads varchar(255)
videoadname Video ad name varchar(255)
videoadplayername Video ad player name varchar(255)
videoadpod Video ad pod varchar(255)
videoadvertiser Video advertiser varchar(255)
videoaudioalbum Video audio album varchar(255)
videoaudioartist Video audio artist varchar(255)
videoaudioauthor Video audio author varchar(255)
videoaudiolabel Video audio label varchar(255)
videoaudiopublisher Video audio publisher varchar(255)
videoaudiostation Video audio station varchar(255)
videocampaign Video campaign varchar(255)
videochannel Video channel varchar(255)
videochapter Video chapter name varchar(255)
videocontenttype Video content type. Set to ‘Video’ automatically for all video views varchar(255)
videodaypart Video day part varchar(255)
videoepisode Video episode varchar(255)
videofeedtype Video feed type varchar(255)
videogenre Video genre text
videolength Video length varchar(255)
videomvpd Video MVPD varchar(255)
videoname Video name varchar(255)
videonetwork Video network varchar(255)
videopath Video path varchar(100)
videoplayername Video player name varchar(255)
videoqoebitrateaverageevar Video quality average bit rate varchar(255)
videoqoebitratechangecountevar Video quality change count varchar(255)
videoqoebuffercountevar Video quality buffer count varchar(255)
videoqoebuffertimeevar Video quality buffer time varchar(255)
videoqoedroppedframecountevar Video quality dropped frame count varchar(255)
videoqoeerrorcountevar Video quality error count varchar(255)
videoqoeextneralerrors Video quality external errors text
videoqoeplayersdkerrors Video quality SDK errors text
videoqoetimetostartevar Video quality time to start varchar(255)
videoseason Video season varchar(255)
videosegment Video segment varchar(255)
videoshow Video show varchar(255)
videoshowtype Video show type varchar(255)
videostreamtype Video stream type varchar(255)
visid_high Used in combination with visid_low to uniquely identify a visitor. bigint unsigned
visid_low Used in combination with visid_high to uniquely identify a visitor. bigint unsigned
visid_new Flag to identify if the hit contains a newly generated visitor ID. char(1)
visid_timestamp If visitor ID was newly generated, provides the timestamp (in Unix time) of when the visitor ID was generated. int
visid_type Not for external use; internally used by Adobe for processing optimizations. Numeric ID representing the method used to identify the visitor.
0: Custom visitorID or Unknown/not applicable
1: IP and user agent fallback
2: HTTP Mobile Subscriber Header
3: Legacy cookie value (s_vi)
4: Fallback cookie value (s_fid)
5: Identity Service
tinyint unsigned
visit_keywords Variable used in the Search keyword dimension. This column uses a non-standard character limit of varchar(244) to accommodate back-end logic used by Adobe. varchar(244)
visit_num Variable used in the Visit number dimension. Starts at 1, and increments each time a new visit starts per visitor. int unsigned
visit_page_num Variable used in the Hit depth dimension. Increases by 1 for each hit the user generates. Resets each visit. int unsigned
visit_ref_domain Based on the visit_referrer column. The first referring domain of the visit. varchar(100)
visit_ref_type Numeric ID representing the referrer type of the first referrer of the visit. Uses the referrer_type.tsv lookup table. tinyint unsigned
visit_referrer The first referrer of the visit. varchar(255)
visit_search_engine Numeric ID of the first search engine of the visit. Uses search_engines.tsv lookup. smallint unsigned
visit_start_page_url The first URL of the visit. varchar(255)
visit_start_pagename The first Page Name of the visit. varchar(100)
visit_start_time_gmt Timestamp (in Unix time) of the first hit of the visit. int
weekly_visitor Flag to determine if the hit is a new weekly visitor. tinyint unsigned
yearly_visitor Flag to determine if the hit is a new yearly visitor. tinyint unsigned
zip Helps populate the Zip code dimension. See also geo_zip. varchar(50)

Empty columns

The following list of columns are unused and do not contain data:

  • mobileacquisitionclicks
  • mobileactioninapptime
  • mobileactiontotaltime
  • mobileappperformanceaffectedusers
  • mobileappperformancecrashes
  • mobileappperformanceloads
  • mobileappstoreavgrating
  • mobileappstoredownloads
  • mobileappstoreinapprevenue
  • mobileappstoreinapproyalties
  • mobileappstoreobjectid.application-name
  • mobileappstoreobjectid.application-version
  • mobileappstoreobjectid.appstore-name
  • mobileappstoreobjectid.category-name
  • mobileappstoreobjectid.device-manufacturer
  • mobileappstoreobjectid.device-name
  • mobileappstoreobjectid.platform-name-version
  • mobileappstoreobjectid.rank-category-type
  • mobileappstoreobjectid.region-name
  • mobileappstoreoneoffrevenue
  • mobileappstoreoneoffroyalties
  • mobileappstorepurchases
  • mobileappstorerank
  • mobileappstorerankdivisor
  • mobileappstorerating
  • mobileappstoreratingdivisor
  • mobileavgprevsessionlength
  • mobilecrashes
  • mobilecrashrate
  • mobiledailyengagedusers
  • mobileinstalls
  • mobilelaunches
  • mobileltvtotal
  • mobilemessageclicks
  • mobilemessageid.dest
  • mobilemessageid.type
  • mobilemessageimpressions
  • mobilemessageviews
  • mobilemonthlyengagedusers
  • mobileplacedwelltime
  • mobileplaceentry
  • mobileplaceexit
  • mobileprevsessionlength
  • mobileupgrades
  • socialaveragesentiment
  • socialaveragesentiment (deprecated)
  • socialfbstories
  • socialfbstorytellers
  • socialinteractioncount
  • sociallikeadds
  • sociallink
  • sociallink (deprecated)
  • socialmentions
  • socialpageviews
  • socialpostviews
  • socialproperty
  • socialproperty (deprecated)
  • socialpubcomments
  • socialpubposts
  • socialpubrecommends
  • socialpubsubscribers
  • socialterm
  • socialtermslist
  • socialtermslist (deprecated)
  • socialtotalsentiment
  • sourceid
  • videoauthorized
  • videoaverageminuteaudience
  • videochaptercomplete
  • videochapterstart
  • videochaptertime
  • videopause
  • videopausecount
  • videopausetime
  • videoplay
  • videoprogress10
  • videoprogress25
  • videoprogress50
  • videoprogress75
  • videoprogress96
  • videoqoebitrateaverage
  • videoqoebitratechange
  • videoqoebuffer
  • videoqoedropbeforestart
  • videoqoedroppedframes
  • videoqoeerror
  • videoresume
  • videototaltime
  • videouniquetimeplayed

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