Engineering Services engagements with FTP

Many Adobe Engineering Services engagements involve the exchange of data, which frequently requires FTP.

These engagements include DB VISTA and custom projects.

For information on FTP limits and data retention, see FTP Limits and Data Retention.

DB VISTA section_D1AC697356DA4B92B7A7F074ED76147F

Similar to a SAINT upload via FTP, DB VISTA receives data through an FTP upload. For more information on file formats and the DB VISTA upload process, refer to the DB VISTA Introduction to DB VISTAwhite paper, which can be found in the Adobe Suite Help site by going to Supporting Docs > White Papers.

Custom Engagements section_A2A251CFB38D47CA9CDA73C5B00F5DDA

Adobe Engineering Services offers custom projects that use both FTP and SFTP. See Adobe Engineering Services for more information on custom projects. For information on SFTP, see Secure File Transfer Protocol.