Configure scheduling options for a Data Warehouse request

There are various configuration options available when creating a Data Warehouse request. The following information describes how to configure scheduling options for the request.

For information about how to begin creating a request, as well as links to other important configuration options, see Create a Data Warehouse request.

To configure scheduling options for a Data Warehouse request:

  1. If you haven’t already, begin creating a request in Adobe Analytics by selecting Tools > Data Warehouse > Add.

    For additional details, see Create a Data Warehouse request.

  2. On the New Data Warehouse request page, select the Scheduling options tab.

    Report destination tab

  3. Complete the following fields:

    table 0-row-2 1-row-2 2-row-2 3-row-2 4-row-2 5-row-2 6-row-2 layout-auto
    Option Function
    Send report now Sends the report as a one-time report. When this option is selected, all scheduling options are hidden.
    Schedule for later Provides options for scheduling report delivery. All options are described below.
    Report frequency

    The frequency with which reports are delivered.

    The following options are available:

    • Hourly

    • Hourly is available only when the Date ranges option on the General settings tab is set to Last hour.


    • Weekly

    • Monthly

    • Yearly

    Additional options are displayed depending on the frequency you select.

    Starting on The date when the new schedule should start.
    Time of day The time of day that the report should be sent.
    End delivery options Choose when to end the scheduled deliveries. You can choose to never end, to end after a specific number of occurrences, or to end on a specific date.
  4. Continue configuring your Data Warehouse request on the Notification email tab. For more information, see Configure a notification email for a Data Warehouse request.