Troubleshoot Data Warehouse request delivery times

A given Data Warehouse request can take anywhere from less than an hour to several days or more. It is difficult to estimate the exact amount of time it takes for a request to process, due to the following factors:

  • The date range of the request
  • The amount of traffic your report suite received during the requested time period
  • The number of rules within a segment, and which variables within a segment used
  • How much data is included within the segment
  • The number of breakdowns used, and the number of unique values within each breakdown
  • The number of metrics used
  • The number of concurrent requests being processed
  • VISTA rules, if configured to apply to DataWarehouse requests

Alter requests to speed up delivery

If Data Warehouse requests consistently take a long time, consider altering your requests. Altering a request is the only way to speed up the delivery of a Data Warehouse request.

To speed up the delivery of a Data Warehouse request, you can alter it in any of the following ways:

  • Use a segment containing a smaller sample of data: The less data a request works with, the faster it returns a report.
  • Run requests in 14-day increments or less: Smaller requests are processed faster than large requests.
  • Use fewer breakdowns: Many breakdowns in a request exponentially increase the time it takes to process it.

Use an alternate method

If you require these types of reports in a more timely fashion, consider the following alternatives:

  • Analysis Workspace: Though unlimited dimension items are not available, it includes almost all other use cases that Data Warehouse provides.
  • Data feed: Takes all raw data in a report suite daily and sends it to a cloud destination. You can then import the data into your own database and run queries in order to get the data you need.
  • Custom Engineering Services solution: Adobe Engineering Services can provide a custom solution for your organization at an additional cost. Contact your Adobe Account Team for additional details.