Real-time Customer Profile overview

Real-time Customer Profile enables you to see a holistic view of each individual customer by combining data from multiple channels, including online, offline, CRM, and third party data. Profile allows you to consolidate your disparate customer data into a unified view offering an actionable, timestamped account of every customer interaction.

Profiles in Real-time Customer Data Platform

Real-time Customer Data Platform enables you to drive coordinated and consistent experiences for your customers no matter where or when they interact with your brand. Delivering these personalized experiences so that they feel relevant and timely is no small feat, but it can be achieved through the use of Real-time Customer Profile, part of Adobe Experience Platform. Real-time CDP is built on top of Experience Platform and utilizes many of the Experience Platform services and functionality, including the creation of profiles. These aggregated views of an individual customer bring together data from across your many marketing channels and the diverse systems that your organization is currently using to store customer data.

Identities and identity namespaces

As customer data comes together it is merged into a single profile through the use of identities, and the ability to stitch these identities together as more information becomes known about each customer. To learn more about identities and identity namespaces, see the identities overview.

Merge policies

When bringing customer data together, merge policies are the rules that Platform uses to determine how data will be prioritizes and what data will be combines to create that unified view. For more information on merge policies, see the merge policies overview.

Profile viewer

Platform allows you to easily view customer profiles and search for specific profiles using various attributes. For details regarding how to view profiles within Platform, please see the profile viewer overview.

Next steps

After reading this overview, you should now understand how Real-time CDP utilizes Real-time Customer Profile to power cross-channel personalization at scale. By stitching together identities from different sources, you can see a complete picture of each of your individual customers, allowing you to take your marketing campaigns to a whole new level. For more detailed information, including best practices and tutorials for working with Real-time Customer Profile data in the user interface and via APIs, please refer to the Real-time Customer Profile documentation.

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