About actions about_actions

Actions are connections through which you deliver personalized, real-time experiences to customers such as push notifications, email, SMS, or any other means of digital engagement you use in your business.

Custom actions enable you to configure connection of a third-party system to send messages or API calls. An action can be configured with any service from any provider that can be called through a REST API with a JSON-formatted payload.

The actions are available in the left palette of your journey, in the Action category. See this page.

The configuration of custom actions is always performed by a technical user.

In the list of Actions, you can press c to create a new journey, action, data source or event. For more information on shortcuts in Journey Orchestration, see this section.

To view the action list or configure a new action, click Actions in the top menus. The list of actions is displayed. See this page for more information on the interface.

If you have Adobe Campaign Standard, you need to configure the out-of-the box action to send emails, push notifications and SMS using the Adobe Campaign Standard’s Transactional Messaging capabilities. Refer to this page.

If you have Adobe Campaign v7 or v8, an integration is available upon request. Refer to this page.

If you’re using a third-party system to send messages such as Epsilon, Facebook, Adobe.io, Firebase, etc, you need to add and configure a custom action. Refer to this page.

For more information on how to configure an Action for Journey Orchestration and how to use it in a journey, watch this video tutorial.