Journey versions concept_ldc_k55_zgb

In the journey list, all journey versions are displayed with the version number. See this page. When you search for a journey, newest versions appear at the top of the list the first time the application opens. Then, you can define the sorting you want and the application will keep it as a user preference. The journey’s version is also displayed at the top of the journey edition interface, above the canvas.

If you need to modify to a live journey, you need to create a new version of your journey.

To learn more on journey versions limitations, see this page
  1. Open the latest version of your live journey, click Create a new version and confirm.

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    You can only create a new version from the latest version of a journey.
  2. Make your modifications, click Publish and confirm.

From the moment the journey is published, individuals will start to flow into the latest version of the journey. People who have already entered a previous version stay in it until they finish the journey. If they later re-enter the same journey, they will go into the latest version.

Journey versions can be stopped individually. All versions of journeys have the same name.

When you publish a new version of a journey, the previous version automatically ends and switches to the Closed status. No entrance in the journey will happen. Even if you stop the latest version, the previous version will stay closed.