Configuring the data source concept_ax3_bcy_w2b

In our use case, we want to use personalization data for our messages. We also need to check is the person is a woman. This information is stored in the Real-time Customer Profile database. The technical user needs to check that those fields are defined in the built-in Adobe Experience Platform data source.

For additional information on data source configuration, refer to this page.

  1. In the menu pane, select Admin. In the Data sources section, click Manage.

  2. Select the build-in Adobe Experience Platform data source.

  3. In the field groups, check that the following fields are selected:

    • person > name > firstName
    • person > name > lastName
    • person > gender
    • personalEmail > address
  4. Click Save.

The data source is now configured and ready to be used in your journey.