Adobe Experience Platform data source concept_zrb_nqt_52b

The Adobe Experience Platform data source defines the connection to the Real-time Customer Profile Service. This data source is built-in and pre-configured. It cannot be deleted. This data source is designed to retrieve and use data from the Real-time Customer Profile Service (for example, check if the person who entered a journey is a female). It allows you to use Profile data and Experience Events data. For more information on the Real-time Customer Profile Service, refer to this page.

You can retrieve the 1000 latest experience events created less than a year ago.

To allow the connection to the Real-time Customer Profile Service, we must use a key to identify a person, and a namespace that contextualizes the key. As a result, you can only use this data source if your journeys start with an event containing a key and a namespace. See this page.

You can edit the pre-configured field group named “ProfileFieldGroup”, add new ones and remove the ones that are not used in any draft or live journeys. See this page.

Here are the main steps to add field groups to the build-in data source.

  1. From the list of data sources, select the build-in Adobe Experience Platform data source.

    This opens the data source configuration pane on the right-hand side of the screen.

  2. Click Add a New Field Group to define a new series of fields to retrieve. See this page.

  3. Select a schema from the Schema drop-down. This field lists Profile and Experience Events schemas available in the Adobe Experience Platform. Schema creation is not performed in Journey Orchestration. It’s performed in the Adobe Experience Platform.

  4. Select the fields you want to use.

  5. Click on Save.

When you place the cursor on the name of a field group, you’ll see two icons on the right. They allow you to delete and duplicate the field group. Note that the Delete icon is only available if the field group is not used in any live or draft journey (information displayed in the Used in field).